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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @AndersHP couldn't try it yet unfortunately, but Pegasus itself should work fine with that too. The main theme is indeed probably a bit much for this size, but a theme for small displays could be also made. At the moment I think the beach theme might look readable and light enough to use.

  • @AndersHP I plan on making a 240p theme at some point as I'm also running pegasus on my new astro city arcade cab.

  • @fluffypillow could tell me the Mac OS X folders root for ES: gamelist, metadata, roms?
    I tried different folders but the app still quiting because no games found.

  • @spartan Pegasus will check ~/.emulationstation/ for ES' files, eg. ~/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg and look for games in the paths listed there.

  • When I use the online conversion tool to convert gamelist.xml to metadata.txt how do I save or download the text file?

  • @jerzeeloon I've just added a download button to help with that.

  • @fluffypillow Thanks . With the recent addition of multiple storage support on Android I'm able to add several more collections I had residing on a removable hard drive. Should save me time from copy and pasting for all the new metadata.txt I have to create. Your awesome and this frontend is becoming immaculate.

  • Weekly update! Haven't had too much time unfortunately but a few improvements have landed:

    • Pegasus can now report if a game has failed to launch
    • Cross-datasource asset searching: It is now possible to store media files and Skraper assets in the game directories found by EmulationStation and the directories of Pegasus metadata files.
    • EmulationStation: added support for excluding MAME bios and device files. Pegasus can now read mamebioses.xml (example) and mamedevices.xml (example) if they exist exist under ~/.emulationstation/resources/, and ignore the files on these lists for systems where <platform> isarcade or neogeo.
    • Portable mode: the path to the currently set theme is no longer stored with an absolute path in portable mode
    • Added a result downloader button to the metadata converter site
    • Logging improvements, minor optimizations

  • I was also experimenting with a new theme:


  • @fluffypillow
    Looks very clean - I like it!
    Enabling video previews and maybe having system logos in the top next to the headline, and you're there!

  • @fluffypillow Hi Mátyás, great and awesome work!!
    I love Pegasus but I have a problem with the skraper and the media folder structure, I cant make the skraper output the media structure like pegasus by default want, (I can make it work one by one by hand.... )
    Can you help me?
    Theres have to be a configuration option in Skraper that Im missing,

    PS: Sorry by my english.

  • @fluffypillow Nice, but the builds available are from 8 days ago :)

    Also, so if I increase the gpu ram, do you think Pegasus will take advantage of it to handle larger images without slowing down to a crawl (it's already a bit jerky with low res defaults from scrapers).

  • @gastongaston Hi, yes, Skraper uses a different kind of media structure, but that is also supported by Pegasus. You can use the 'Generic Frontend' output of Skraper to get the assets and the metadata in a compatible format; there's a short guide for that here that might help (though it's more focused on metadata conversion). Feel free to ask if you run into any troubles!

    @Darksavior yeah I guess "weekly" in this case meant 2 days of development :) Yes, increasing the GPU RAM should work I think (but if I remember correctly the split is already quite high by default on RetroPie). The performance seemed to be OK for me on my Pi 3 though, did you notice some slowdowns recently?

  • @fluffypillow Maybe the last 1-2 updates have been a tiny bit slower for the art to show up when scrolling through systems. I also noticed a minor/not very important bug. If you shut down the pi in less than ~10 seconds after the pi completely boots up, pegasus will crash to the terminal. It might still be loading stuff in the background.

  • @fluffypillow Hi Mátyás, thanks for the help!!
    Im trying to make it work but I cant, Im in the same, my only problem is with the output media/assets structure, all the other metadata are fine.
    Im getting from Skaper TYPEofIMAGE/nameofthegame.jpg (I cant change that structure)
    But Pegasus are looking for NAMEofGAME/typeofimage.jpg (im think, not sure)

    I dont know how all people here make it work, maibe is my problem because Im in Windows.

  • @Darksavior Interesting! ConsoleKit is the thing that grants permission to non-root users to reboot the device, so based on the error it seems as if it did not load completely when you tried to shut down. I wonder if it's just slow or some intentional security thing. I've tried to reproduce it, but the error didn't occur for me on Pi 3 and 0W (maybe I was too slow).

    @gastongaston Both kinds of directory structures are accepted on all platforms: make sure 'Skraper Assets' is enabled under Settings -> Enable/disable data sources, then Pegasus will look for Skraper directory structure under <game directory>/skraper/ and <game directory>/media/, eg D:\myroms\skraper\box2dfront\MyGame.png and D:\myroms\media\box2dfront\MyGame.png. If it still fails, upload your log file, maybe there's something in it that might help (should be at C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/pegasus-frontend/lastrun.log, note that some directories might be hidden on Windows by default).

  • Weekly update: nothing interesting this week :(, I was mostly busy with tracking down some hard to reach system-specific bugs, and also verifying issue reports.

  • Just to share with you my new bartop project with this cool frontend and the gameOS theme!

  • @fluffypillow
    Hi, I have a small issue with games with mutiple file entry
    None of the files are listed and so I can't launch the game

  • @Meldrak Hi, could you post the metadata file that doesn't work for you?

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