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KODI 17 and minor Xbox 360 controller problems with slideshow

  • Great to get the new KODI 17 easily available to RetroPie now, thank you. The Xbox 360 controller configuration tool is nice and behaves better than the old system. However, with the slideshow viewer it doesn't seem to work properly.

    When zoomed in on a picture, the left analogue stick can only move right or down, which isn't great. It is correctly configured from the utility (user side), as I can navigate up,right,down and left with the left-stick otherwise in menus.

    Any ideas for fixing this appreciated.

    UPDATE: Seems this is a years old problem that has resurfaced: (maybe some kind of .xml fix is possible, but I don't know what that is).

  • @OneSwitch This is something that would be better to ask in kodi forum. Maybe you can do what you want with addon keymap editor.

  • @Rascas You're probably right. Looks like they've been made aware of it years back, but it's clearly not a priority. Seems a shame as it's a fairly standard controller.

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