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Libretro-Dolphin on github, anyone try it yet?

  • So I know there's been some issues in making some systems completely keyboard free, like the need to use alt+f4 to exit dolphin. Has anyone seen and tried this retroarch version of dolphin I found on Github?

    It looks like they call it a launcher but you'd think if he rewrote it to be a retro-core it'd work... was just making sure I'm not re-inventing the wheel here if I try it out.

  • anything new on this?

  • I'm working on it, having trouble getting it to show up in the run command menu, anybody know if it's me or if I have to manually add the "new" emulator?

  • I figured out the issues, but apparently it is JUST a launcher, when I exit via alt+f4 the dolphin gui shows up and asks for verification, then retro arch appears, so it's actually worse as far as going keyboard free. Oh well, was worth a shot :)

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