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Just a few questions

    1. Is there a way to stop the system view carousel from doing that fast cycle thing when you go from the last system back to the first (if that makes sense)

    2. Are there any style functions/tags that are compatible with the gamelist in the theme.xml (i.e. shadows, glows)

    3. I am unable to create . svg images however i understand that .png files are compatible with system logos, however any one know the maximum size allowed, a couple I've tried just white block until i reduce the size

    4. Any other neat feature/function that is not included in the standard theme documentation that is worth playing with

  • @edmaul69 sorry dude, my post may have been unclear, it's not linked to the controller, but when using the slide transition in emulationstation, when in system view when you reach the last system and continue the carousel scrolls back to the first system, i was hoping there was a way to stop the carousel when the last system is reached

  • @__Scannigan__ ok. Gotcha. Not that i know of.

  • @__Scannigan__ if you switch from scroll to fade you won't have that problem, but I don't know how to stop scroll from doing it.

    As for fancy effects (glows, etc) you can make them in photoshop (or gimp or etc) and add them as extra images with <image name="glowExample" extra="true"> but there aren't any built-in effects.

    Using pngs is fine, but the larger the image, the more resources it uses. If you use anything over 1920x1080 you're going to white-screen pretty quick. If you stick below 1024x1024 (or even better, 512x512), then you should be fine (unless you have lots and lots of extra images).

  • @mattrixk Thanks for the reply dude, one other question how does the theme determine the order (layer level) in which the images are displayed

  • @__Scannigan__ The built-in elements like gamelist, image, system logo, etc all have a preset z-index, but any extra images you add basically follow the order that you have them in the xml file. So if you have 2 extra images, eg: an image of the console and an image of the controller, then if your xml is like this:

    <image name="console" extra="true">
      <pos>0.5 0.5</pos>
      <origin>0.5 0.5</origin>
      <maxSize>0.5 0.5</maxSize>
    <image name="controller" extra="true">
      <pos>0.5 0.5</pos>
      <origin>0.5 0.5</origin>
      <maxSize>0.5 0.5</maxSize>

    Then your controller image will sit on top of your console image because it is lower in the XML. It is read second, so it gets rendered second.

  • @mattrixk Oh balls then I couldn't overlay the box art with marquee for example

  • @__Scannigan__ I think marquee sits at the top of the pile, but I'm not 100% sure if there isn't something else above it.

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