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Phantom Inputs

  • Is there any rhyme or reason to phantom presses of controllers? I find some of my Bluetooth controllers, whether it be Wii-U Pro knockoff, an official PS4 controller, or sometimes even my 8bitdo, all seem to do random presses in the menu sometimes and even launch games! Not sure if wired controllers do it too, but from what I've read some do. The next question is whether it does this in game as well?

  • You might wanna try and see if it happens on your computer.
    If it does, then it's the controller.
    If not, then it's the Pi itself.

  • Do you have preview videos enabled in emulationstation?
    I disabled them and the random presses went away.

  • @mosi0815 Yeah I do! My whole theme is setup on previews. So that would be a big disappointment if that is what's causing them.

  • If you have a spare Bluetooth dongle, try using it in the Pi. You'll need to disable the built-in Bluetooth by adding dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt to the boot config.txt That had solved the issue for many people.

  • @mosi0815 Yeah you are totally right! I have one of my systems without any videos and it doesn't move at all! I wonder why the videos cause them to move??

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