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    @THRobinson we don't support 3rd party images

  • @THRobinson "Plugged it in, turned on and got as far as 'no controller found'. " I don't do a wireless controller so I can't tell you my experience on it but I hope this

    helps out.

  • Sadly no, because I couldn't get to the screen after WELCOME.

    That helped, for the manual setup... "sudo RetroPie-Setup/"... website I was at before showed "sudo retropie_Setup/" which was close, but wrong enough I couldn't get anything to work.

    Finally came up, PS3 still wouldn't install. Ran an update (for a small O/S those updates take forever) and finally installed.

    Just needed to get stuff tested to see if working... doing the arcade build and I have the small parts I want coming from eBay China so be weeks before I see those, haven't ordered the joystick/buttons yet because will only take 1-2 weeks. Wanted to make sure it all worked before that.

    Still can't seem to get KODI to uninstall. "sudo apt-get remove kodi* sudo apt-get purge kodi*" runs but not found, unable to, etc... messages like that spring up and Kodi still there. I have an HTPC with 6TB of drive space for my media player, would rather the extra space on the SD card for games.

  • @THRobinson said in Stuck at Terminal - Initial Start:

    I grabbed a 64GB ISO image

    You should know that the most helpful people on the forum will be reluctant to help you because of this. You must understand that the image you say you grabbed was not created here and it presents a problem because none of us can say what might be wrong when the starting place is unknown. Literally, anything could be wrong with it.

    If all you are doing is testing, why not download the actual RetroPie 4.2 image? Everyone here is very interested in making sure that image works properly. Then, describe your complete test setup and ask your questions. Otherwise, all bets are off.

  • Forums use to be a bit more helpful and forgiving for that stuff... usually tossing out a few basic/general suggestions first before saying, sorry can't help any further. Seems more and more on forums, if it's not standard out-of-the-box, it's a flat out rejection of help.

    Take this case for example... "Literally, anything could be wrong with it" turned out to be a simple case of a mis-typed command line on a website. Would have been the same problem regardless which image it was.

    @ThatGuy-UNo @TMNTturtlguy ... except you guys of course, you tried to offer some help.

  • @THRobinson I get it, and you are probably right. But getting burned over the years has soured a lot of folks who are just tired of troubleshooting with people who don't read the very comprehensive documentation, or who insist on using images from unknown sources. You gotta have standards. The docs are there for everyone. The personal help has to start from a known working image. That's not unreasonable. Besides, your first source of assistance should be the source of the image you are using. That makes way more sense to me.

  • @THRobinson said in Stuck at Terminal - Initial Start:

    turned out to be a simple case of a mis-typed command line on a website. Would have been the same problem regardless which image it was.

    Come to think of it, why are we not holding the author of that website you are referring to responsible for your challenges? Is the RetroPie community supposed to take the brunt of support volume from misguided advice from other places? Let's get that site to change their command. Did you ask for help from that source? I'm only curious. There may be a lot more people in the same situation that we could steer back onto the road.

  • @caver01 Which I can understand... but... no official source for the image that I could find, seemed like a RetroPie problem (not image specific, and I was correct) and image based on the official image, so, that's why I tried here. Plus I'm certain a large population of users here probably use or have used outside images and may have a bit of advice.

    Mostly grabbed the image because a lot of the work was done for me... when it comes to this linux stuff, I end up spending more time fighting with it than enjoying it. Basic image was great for a lot of stuff for me, but was also a lot of stuff I never managed to get working. That's why giving this one a try.

    "...holding the author of that website you are referring to responsible for your challenges?" When I had issues I Googled for help (before going here), it was one of the first sites that came up. I didn't bookmark it or anything, just didn't work, closed the window and tried something else.

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    Also, the 64GB images have ROMs included. Supporting the propagation of those is tantamount to supporting piracy which puts the RetroPie project in jeopardy. There are no good reasons to support 3rd party images here.

  • @THRobinson Oh well. It was worth asking. I would be very cautious about using any computer image that has no official source, especially with something as popular as RetroPie has become. For one thing, almost NONE of us have the same hardware configuration, so one size almost never fits all. Also, the work you describe that is already done for you is very likely work that makes the image totally illegal, violating all kinds of software licenses if not copyrights. If someone is willing to create, then post an image with ROMs on it, or with emulators downloaded and preconfigured where the license doesn't allow that, it isn't doing RetroPie any favors which is another reason folks are going to be reluctant to offer help.

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