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SNES controller stopped working, now B button sends all signals.

  • Everything was working great, and I let my son play for a bit. Then he came to me and said that nothing was working. After some analysis it appears that only the b button sends any signal at all, and when I do the jstest, it shows all buttons being pressed when I press the b button, and no buttons at all for any of the others.

    This is true for either P1 and P2. I reviewed all connections and the wires are all still properly connected. Does anyone know what would be causing this?

    I will be testing tomorrow with a second controller to verify that it is not the controller itself which is the issue. However, I'm concerned that the control block is not responding correctly to the signals, as there were some issues early on where this occurred with a different controller.

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    I can only state some questions:

    1. Which RPi are you using? Which ControlBlock revision?
    2. Are you overclocking the RPI? The driver is not tested with overclocked RPIs
    3. Does this happen right after boot or only after some time?
    4. Can you give mea description how I could reproduce that behavior?

    Maybe the raw GPIO test as described at gives any insights

  • Any update OP? I'm having the same problem after rewiring my unit.

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    Have you double checked your wiring?

  • @petrockblog
    Yes, and while it wasn't the wiring, it was a fault in the board which was preventing a pin's signal being received.

    I was able to replicate the issue on another Pi by removing the connection for either the Latch or Clock wires, so I suggest checking those first.

  • I know this is over a year old, but I am curious how you came to diagnose your issue as a board defect. Was it a defect in the Pi board or the SNES board?

    I'm having the same issue straight out of the box, never have gotten it to work. The controller was tested working before disassembly. I created a new thread on this but not much insight yet...

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