@VictimRLSH Btw, don't get confused with the Game Boy Mystic Quest (for you its named Final Fantasy Adventure). The SNES game you know as Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is known in Germany as Mystic Quest Legend. What the f...un Squaresoft?! I remember that game very well, it was the very first turn based rpg we got on the SNES, plus it was localized (many games from that time was just in English). That time, I didn't know much about role play games and always wondered how they work and what that turn based fighting mean. At the 90s we rarely got turn based rpgs and every of them was like gold. In example, we never got any Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Bahamut Lagoon, Tales of Whatever, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, Ogre Battle , Tactics Ogre, Romancing Saga OR ANYTHING. Thats why this game, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, is something very special to me. Even to that day, it was very easy and extremely limited and disappointing in gameplay with restricted party members and magic system and the world map. But that is ok. It might don't win an award for it, but it introduced me the concept. And it have a GREAT soundtrack, I like the dungeon and fight musics, still one of the greatest for the SNES. Looking back, its a shame we never got these games officially on the system. Probably translation was expensive and it was very risky, as jrpgs wasn't very well known and asked in Europe/Germany.