@barbudreadmon @Darksavior
So, tested it on all my house hold TVs.

All 4 are Vizio.
My entertainment center TV has issues with the sound cutting out constantly.
The others (Roommate bedroom, my bedroom, and the living room) do not have the same issue.
(I even changed cords, and plugged the system directly into the TV instead of the splitter box)

So I wonder if the TV itself is defective, or is it just incompatible, or what...

I also tested all the ports on my entertainment center TV, same sound issue with each HDMI port.

When I bought the TV in Sep '18, in Oct '18 they had to do a recall on the main board, sending a person out to replace it. Then as of last year, the sound was cutting out again on other channels but eventually stopped, but Vizio sent me a replacement board just incase.. something I didn't/don't know how to install... so it's probably just either the first replacement died as well, or wasn't installed correctly, or the TV is just crap.