@nemo93 All set. Long story short... when I loaded in the MESS build, I switched repositories from the true RetroPie set to the fork that the MESS build was based on. I never realized this, even though I did do it, I had no idea what it would do to my build. All is as it should be...

DosBox-Staging 77.1 is now loaded from the binary and working ... WOW! Amazingly fast.

For testing I chose:
INDYcar Racing II
Aces Over Europe

All are running smoothly other than what I pointed out in an earlier post with A10 Tank Killer in regards to music slowing down when text boxes are posted.

NASCAR and INDYcar are very smooth and fluid. Considering these are mid-90s games with a lot of 3d polys and textures, that says a lot for Staging running on a Pi3b+.

What else do you need me to test? Can I now run any shaders on Staging? I'd like to try that.