Spent hours and learned the hard way that you can't add it to the retropie/gamelist.xml anymore in 2.7.5 But you can add it to any other system gamelist.xml that has roms Really needs a default folder as an option but for now just add the tag to any of your system gamelists I don't use videos in ES because of the extreme heat But I link 5 videos without names/paths to be discovered by the random video screensaver by simply adding it to the bottom of the nes/gamelist.xml file <gameList> <game><video>/home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens/ss1.mp4</video></game> <game><video>/home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens/ss2.mp4</video></game> <game><video>/home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens/ss3.mp4</video></game> <game><video>/home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens/ss4.mp4</video></game> <game><video>/home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens/ss5.mp4</video></game> .... </gameList> Works perfect every time and oddly don't overheat the pi while playing.