It's because you're using a very old version of my theme, It's had lots of changes since then to support various addition and changes in ES.

Ah that makes sense.. Does your newer version have a lot of changes, or does it just work better on the newer EmulationStation. If it's the same, but just works better with updated ES, then I might have to check it out. Got a link?

I got this version off the internet by googling it. So I had no idea what version or even who made it till coming on here!

As I said previously my theme isn't particularly easy to follow due to the layout system I made so everything is spread over multiple files which complicates any changes that need to be made.

Yeah no kidding lol!! It's like trying to put together a puzzle, but most of the pieces are in other boxes, and you have to go through each box to find the connecting piece.

Looking at code gives me a headache, so this is more difficult for me than others maybe.. I'm hoping sooner or later to get this fixed..