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  • A little project I'm working on for my mini NES NESPi Case. Hope you guys enjoy it, because it's been a fun little project and learning how Emulation Station works!

    Two things I still want to get working or fix..

    1. Replace the "DIM" feature with an actual screen saver or video acting as a screen saver instead of just a "DIM" feature.
    2. Remove or replace the "Emulation Station, Now Loading Screen." To make it truly unique!

    I will upload a video as soon as I can, but not much more to see that's different than the images.

    If anyone wants a copy of this, let me know and I'll try to upload the image file.


    0_1504348491267_4.jpg 0_1504348494807_5.jpg0_1504348470513_3.jpg 0_1504348464415_2.jpg 0_1504348454280_1.jpg0_1504349329370_6.jpg 0_1504349351656_7.jpg

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    @graphicsgod Oh yes! Please share!

  • A quick video of it in action.. Sorry for the quality.

    And a video of the screen saver I want to add from the original NES Classic Edition. If anyone knows how to implement this into Emulation Station, let me know!

    Let Me know if you can't see the videos. Enjoy!

  • Not sure you'll be able to share this theme since it looks like it's taking quite a bit from @ruckage theme.

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    @livefastcyyoung Rubbish.

    OP, can you share this please :

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    @digitalmonkey Actually - @LiveFastCyYoung is correct. @ruckage 's theme has a clause to forbid sharing modifications (which is valid, so long as @ruckage hasn't used anything from an earlier theme with another licence).

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    ahhh....o.k, I misread the thread title.

    Oh well.

    edit #2 But I still think thats a load of rubbish.

  • @digitalmonkey said in Custom ES-THEME-NES-MINI-MASTER..:

    edit #2 But I still think thats a load of rubbish.

    Excuse me? Since I put all the work into the theme I think I'm within my rights to ask for it not to be modified and shared and I would hope people would respect that.

  • @ruckage

    Not trying to step on anyone's toes here..

    But if it's going to be such an issue, I'll just post just the files I did, and anyone interested can insert them into they're own Emulation station. I just want to share with others that want something different and only care about Nintendo gaming. Or for anyone wanting the same thing.

    I'll try to put together a zip folder later of all the files I created, so as to not piss anyone off and get anyone's panties in a bunch, and you too can make the same thing! As far as the "config files" I edited, I'll figure something out..


  • @graphicsgod

    Also anyone interested in more information can PM me or send me an email!

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    @ruckage Have you credited the guys at Nintendo who created the theme you ripped off? Sorry, took inspiration from? I'm sure someone sharing what they did wont affect your donations all that much?

  • @digitalmonkey said in Custom ES-THEME-NES-MINI-MASTER..:

    @ruckage Have you credited the guys at Nintendo who created the theme you ripped off? Sorry, took inspiration from? I'm sure someone sharing what they did wont affect your donations all that much?

    To say I'm disappointed with your response to me would be an understatement....

    I could have kept the theme to myself (with reactions like this maybe not a bad idea). I also didn't need to add any extra systems as I don't use them myself, they were all added by request (some of which you requested by the way). I also helped you when you were having problems with your TV and added a 4x3 TV mode which you also wanted. I didn't hear any complaints from you when you were getting what you wanted.

    To be clear, I've only had a few donations for the months of work I've put in - which I only accepted because those few generous people asked if they could donate to me (most of of the donations were for my Neogeo theme). I certainly don't make my themes for donations. Over 99% of the theme is my own work (if I changed the borders it would be all my own work).

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    @ruckage Of course I requested systems to be added. After all you offered to add extra systems by request.

    I never asked for a 4:3 mode? And you didnt help with my TV problem. I sorted that out for myself through trial & error.

    Are you really trying to take credit for that?

    What about people who tested the theme & gave feedback? Do they get credit?

    You didnt answer my question: Did you give credit to the people at Nintendo who created the theme you took "inspiration" from? Will they get some part of your "donations"?

    Ego much?

    O.k. Obviously no point in continuing this.

    Well best of luck with your themes & "donations".


  • Now now everyone.. can't we just get along ;)?

    Ok here are the files to do what I did. I tried to make the readme file easy enough to understand, that another idiot like me could follow it lol! If anyone has any issues, let me know! It's pretty straight forward. Open a network connection to your Pi3 and copy over the images.

    [!HlRgGJiK!2e1gBG8CzohCSvJYJQALbeoaReuAKDCwtpNaKkQdB2w](link url)


    Also here is a screenshot of my workspace for the backgrounds. The file currently sits at 112mb. About 97% is vector graphics so that when scaled, it always stays crisp and clean! I'm hoping to get around to adding more systems later..

    1_1504594909314_Ggs_Workspace_02.jpg 0_1504594909313_Ggs_Workspace_01.jpg

  • I usually don't use foul language but reading the answers in this topic sickens me and I don't care anymore about my language.
    @DigitalMonkey [removed]
    @ruckage spend hours and hours creating the themes and he never asked for one penny in return, it was WE who asked him to add a donation link because WE (obviously that doesn't include you) that value his work and wanted to compensate him for it even if it never can cover all the cost/time that he used. If you can recall his theme wasn't even the main topic it was his cardboard NES build which used that theme and he was so kind enough to share it.

    You seem to have no idea how the web world rules work. You cannot just copy and share someones work if you don't have the permission for it it is simple as that.
    If you respect the work from creator to creator you just don't do that.

    @Graphicsgod if you are that good in creating graphics why not do a little bit more efforts and create your own menu. You seem to have some certain talent and obviously posses the right tools.
    That would solve the issue and also allow you to officially share your work in good conscience.

    @ruckage [removed]. You are doing a fantastic job and we appreciate it very much.


  • @FlyingTomahawk
    Thank you. I appreciate your support and I know his opinion doesn't reflect the majority - I haven't seen many confrontations on these forums and his is the first directed at me (I still don't really know why he's acting like that - he posted lots of times in my thread so he obviously liked and used the theme).

    I feel bad as you're a new user here and this hasn't been a nice welcome for you. You obviously want to share your work with others here which is commendable.
    I know that my terms of use for my themes may upset some people but I have been clear about it from the start and I've put a huge amount of work into them and I'm still adding to them even now.

    As @FlyingTomahawk said have you considered making a new theme? You've already made some graphics so you're halfway there already and you could design a unique layout for the theme so it would truly be yours. I wouldn't look to my theme to learn how to make a theme as it's not the easiest to follow due to the layout system I created. A good place to start would be to look at the simple theme and for some of the newer features look at the modified carbon theme by @jdrassa .

    There are lots of people here who will help you if you get stuck (myself included).

  • @flyingtomahawk

    Graphic work isn't the issue, I'm just not much of a coder..

    And Ruckage theme had the layout and look I wanted. So I was using his theme for a while. But when I saw the Super NES Mini Classic menu, I was like hmmm.. what if I changed the layout for each system and increase the detail to look more realistic or 32bit like. And that's where this all started. So I looked on the internet and youtube for help with deconstructing how this EmulationStation works. And through trial and error I figured out how to add in what I wanted and get the look I needed. And from my hard work, I thought I'd share with the world.

    Now if there was a program that I could create the layout with a GUI and just insert my images, then yeah I could do my own menu. But to look at text and figure out what connects to what, just gives me a headache!! Also I've replaced 97% of Ruckage's images. So in a sense, it is my own menu now. Just his coding is still present, since I don't want to change the layout, I like the way it is.


    Sorry if my post pissed you off or got under your skin. This was not my intention! Just wanting to give back was all. I like your work and was not trying to belittle your hard work in any way! I want to thank you for all you do.

  • administrators

    @flyingtomahawk personal attacks and language like that is not acceptable on the forum - whether or not you think it's justified or the person at the other end is out of order.

    Same for @DigitalMonkey - personal attacks are not acceptable. One more outburst from either of you and you can both go elsewhere. [Edit] - @DigitalMonkey is now banned due to personal attack in signature.

  • @buzz

    I knew that my outburst will have consequences, a warning or even ban. He was way out of line there. To disrespect someone even after they explained themselves is considered to be very, very rude from my point of view and I said what I said and don't regret it. But rules are rules and I have to obey them so I consider myself warned. He is gone now anyway so case closed.

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    @flyingtomahawk he was out of line and I do understand. I'm sure you can imagine what I would like to say to some people. But we have to try and keep it civil. Cheers.

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