Kinda sucks all around. I love both sides here. I've been with the RetroPie group for a couple of years now. I make one little comment about how I wish N64 games ran better on the Pi3, and I got a reply back almost instantly about trying this "Odroid XU4" and the Odroid Arena build. I'd never heard of it before, and thought I'd check them out. I myself made the assumption that this build was still in it's fragile infancy, and bolstered my arrogance around their Discord channel like I owned the place. I had thought that my growing knowledge of how RetroPie works, and how to make things work with it, would help their community advance. I thought I came across cool and helpful but it was mistaken as an arrogant attempt at making the guys over there feel inadequate in their development. Because of that, I was temporary banned from their channel, and muted from their Facebook. I was completely wrong and have come full circle. My knowledge, in fact, is primitive to what the guys over there know and have been doing from the ground up. They've taken a device and built upon it with what they have available, and have come up with a working system that is as good as (if not better in some areas than) the current release of RetroPie for Raspberry Pi's. I've become humbled by the staff and have been trying to assist that community where I can. There are issues, yes, but it's something that is being worked on daily, just like how RetroPie is. They aren't focused on developing for just one SBC either. Think of how LibreELEC is developed to provide Kodi to many devices, not just Pi's. This is where their team has gone too. Yes, RetroPie also supports other devices, but RetroPie falls short in their support. You provide simple instructions on where to start then leave the user in the dust struggling to find help by saying things like "it's YOUR problem" or "contact Odroid". The problem isn't always related to the hardware.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think it's great what both sides are doing for the community. Sure, better support is needed, but that's no reason to say the team is producing "ugly hacks". We need to work together, not distance ourselves further apart.

There, I've said my peace. Long Live RetroPie and Long Live TheORA!