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xin mo with retropie ora odroid no works.

  • Hi there!

    I have question.

    I have installed the 200gb Piggies retropie Ora image on my odroid XU4,(very good image)because it's simple solution for me (I am newbie).But I have a problem,I want to connect my odroid on my bartop who have a XinMo 2 players pad control.But when I connect it,he just reconnize the first player not the second .I think it's possible to write new line with SSH and putty but I need some help.I come from pinball and it's very very different world...

    So please how could I do for connect the second Xin mo player?There is a root code to install the line?


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    @peiobasc Please take a look at - we don't support 3rd party images, especially the ones loaded with ROMs.

  • Hi mitu .

    Thanks for your answer.Sorry I didnt know than Ora is an unofficial.I understand...

    Never mind no problem.


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    @peiobasc said in xin mo with retropie ora odroid no works.:

    I didnt know than Ora is an unofficial.I understand...

    It's not the ORA image, it's the fact that's a modified + ROMs image that makes it a 3rd party. Someone slapped his/her name over it, loaded with ROMs and changed the theme, then it's a release on its own...

  • @mitu Ok I understand.Sorry for my post.


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    @mitu just to clarify - ORA is unofficial. It's not one of ours. It should be considered a 3rd party image.

    It's also arguably worse than 3rd party RetroPie images without ROMs, as it's an ugly hack of our codebase so likely full of issues unrelated to RetroPie. And the authors of it have no interest in feeding any code back to us. They can support it themselves on their own forum.

  • @BuZz said in xin mo with retropie ora odroid no works.:

    @mitu just to clarify - ORA is unofficial. It's not one of ours. It should be considered a 3rd party image.

    It's also arguably worse than 3rd party RetroPie images without ROMs, as it's an ugly hack of our codebase so likely full of issues unrelated to RetroPie. And the authors of it have no interest in feeding any code back to us. They can support it themselves on their own forum.

    Tell us how you really feel Buzz. Perhaps if RetroPie gave more than the bare minimum of support for the board we wouldn't have had to make "ugly hacks" of your codebase. What you provide on your wiki for the XU4 is straight laughable and broken from within the first dozen commands/steps. For the record I have made attempts to reach out however your stubborn attitude about communication made it so difficult that I said screw it. You are stuck in the stone age apparently for communication and social interaction comfortable with dropping comments like this. I have assembled a team of international developers ranging from those that only know how to test by playing and running things to actual emulator developers themselves assisting us. We have moved forward with using the modern tools available and we are able to even shockingly talk on voice chat, use DM/PM technology, email, etc rather than just putzing around on a clunky forum format. 2001 called and they want their forums back. This is how we have evolved RetroPie from what was originally presented to what we have forked to. WE ARE NOT AN UNOFFICIAL FORK OF YOUR DISTRIBUTION. We are our own distribution just as RetrOrangePi, Recalbox, and Batocera are. We have added new features and functionality to our distribution that have gone above and beyond what RetroPie does. I have always said and will continue to say how grateful that I and the team are for the dedication the folks at RetroPie have had to assemble it to bring it to what it is today, then I see snarky crap like this making comments in your little bubble.

    Your response also shows that you are making assumptions and never really bothered to check it out to even have a baseline idea of what our base is built with systemically. We reached out to Hard Kernel and created a relationship with them which is how we discovered as an example various issues with various controllers and support at the kernel level of their distribution of Ubuntu. No, we do not currently have someone on the team with the skillset to back port certain controller support, but we have built a robust and stable distribution with what has been available. Working with the code support that is out there for the Raspberry Pi is child's play compared to what we have had to work with for Mali support so when we have various people out not only in the community, but the industry come to us and tell us that they are genuinely impressed with what we have done then we must be doing something right. We have now also had Pine come to us in recent months to develop a retrogaming build directly so that makes two board manufacturers out there that feel we know what we are doing. We are constantly learning and growing...kind of like how RetroPie was a steaming pile of buggy mess up until v4.0. I began my journey with RetroPie just when you were cracking to the 3.x train and that is why I find your reply "likely full of issues unrelated to RetroPie" it makes me smile how arrogant you have become.

    Bottom line is we are about to drop our latest release which we have followed the GPL for opensource, but we have also done what is required to make it an evolution to the point that it is no longer RetroPie. We have been working on educating the community as such as well. Proper credit is still given in the bits of code to RetroPie as a professional courtesy and not just a requirement, but we are not just some 3rd party RetroPie image. We are our own brand, with our own distro, and countless hours to put it out as stable and enjoyable as a release as possible. We have done this in direct relation to your stubborn attitudes and lack of true community spirit. Is it perfect? Nope, but we can easily admit it and it is a well put together package which is reflected by the joy and enthusiasm of the community.

    Lastly, we DO NOT CONDONE PREBUILT IMAGES NOR DO WE SUPPORT THEM. Anyone comes to us for help we tell them straight up to go to whomever created it because we have no idea what has gone on with the image. So that being said don't bother pointing people that use them in our direction because you will just be doing them a disservice. Point them in the direction of whomever they got it from and call it a day.

    Good day to you sir and wishes of continued success with RetroPie.

    Now the million dollar question is whether you have the stones to leave my reply up for people to see and also not ban me, but either way we made efforts and your team pretty much gave the "our way or the highway" mentality.

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    @fnkngrv I'm sorry if my post offended you, but it was not meant to be personal (and I don't think it is). It was just my opinion of the code which I have seen. Please don't make this personal.

    Not sure why you are commenting on our use of a forum. Doesn't seem relevant. The wiki is user editable. Certainly the XU page could be improved.

    When did you reach out to me ? Last discussion I am aware of is - you never got back to me.

    the ODroid Arena fork of retropie on github looks hacky. Sorry - but that's my view (as the author of much of the code). It also looks out of date. The last image I looked at contains similar modifications. I believe I am entitled to comment on modifications of our work.

    I wasn't intending to suggest we send people talking about images with roms to you. I was writing about your official image - I even said "without roms".

    I don't think it's unrealistic for us to not want to support your image. There have been posts from users before with issues, that were not related to our codebase, but your modifications of it. Hence my remark "likely full of issues unrelated to RetroPie" -. issues related to your changes.

    I think you are overreacting to my comments.

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    @fnkngrv If you have your own fork of RetroPie, then it's a 3rd party image. You said it yourself:

    We are our own distribution just as RetrOrangePi, Recalbox, and Batocera are.

    Sure, it might not be the sort of image that doesn't get support here, but - as Buzz said - your image is different enough that people using it and asking questions here don't find the answer in the docs or from the other users that use the regular RetroPie image/code.

    The advantage of using forums - or something equivalent - is that information is searchable and the users of your image can find answers, report bugs, give suggestions, etc.. You can use any channel of communication you deem best, but the reality is that forums work and if you're serious about supporting your users you should have something that doesn't require them to synchronously communicate with you (like a chat).

  • @fnkngrv I made some scripts for XU4 ORA here to make reset button work for OGST-case. Then I removed the workaorund for the display driver and made the behave like the RetroPie ones (without the endless sleep loop to check running emulator with hardcoded binary name to get PID of it) by moving the display script to runcommand-onend/onstart sections and try to definate the binaries by the script itself.
    Then I made some exeptions (for example the retroarch cores) to instantly display the image and to have the best user experience - all in all just some hacks. I really appreciate the work you and your team has done.

    In the previous debate were surly some misunderstandings but the codebase is here.
    Personally I prefer a forum to exchange information.

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    i still don't understand why the ORA project haven't back-ported their work to retropie-setup via PRs like i suggested almost a year ago (and before in other channels i believe)

    either way we made efforts and your team pretty much gave the "our way or the highway" mentality.

    again, please do PRs! any qualms about the coding styles can be easily fixed within PRs.

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    @dankcushions I think they already decided to continue without any RetroPie collaboration.

  • Kinda sucks all around. I love both sides here. I've been with the RetroPie group for a couple of years now. I make one little comment about how I wish N64 games ran better on the Pi3, and I got a reply back almost instantly about trying this "Odroid XU4" and the Odroid Arena build. I'd never heard of it before, and thought I'd check them out. I myself made the assumption that this build was still in it's fragile infancy, and bolstered my arrogance around their Discord channel like I owned the place. I had thought that my growing knowledge of how RetroPie works, and how to make things work with it, would help their community advance. I thought I came across cool and helpful but it was mistaken as an arrogant attempt at making the guys over there feel inadequate in their development. Because of that, I was temporary banned from their channel, and muted from their Facebook. I was completely wrong and have come full circle. My knowledge, in fact, is primitive to what the guys over there know and have been doing from the ground up. They've taken a device and built upon it with what they have available, and have come up with a working system that is as good as (if not better in some areas than) the current release of RetroPie for Raspberry Pi's. I've become humbled by the staff and have been trying to assist that community where I can. There are issues, yes, but it's something that is being worked on daily, just like how RetroPie is. They aren't focused on developing for just one SBC either. Think of how LibreELEC is developed to provide Kodi to many devices, not just Pi's. This is where their team has gone too. Yes, RetroPie also supports other devices, but RetroPie falls short in their support. You provide simple instructions on where to start then leave the user in the dust struggling to find help by saying things like "it's YOUR problem" or "contact Odroid". The problem isn't always related to the hardware.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think it's great what both sides are doing for the community. Sure, better support is needed, but that's no reason to say the team is producing "ugly hacks". We need to work together, not distance ourselves further apart.

    There, I've said my peace. Long Live RetroPie and Long Live TheORA!

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