After years of playing Outrun daily I'm taking a break from it lol.
Currently i'm mostly playing games on a small CRT TV, so there are quite some games i want to plat on that that i havent played in a long time, just because they look amazing on CRT and not so much on a modern screen.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PSX) (I wish the same company made the later games too, it's just so good.)
Rent a Hero (SEGA Megadrive) There is a Fan translated patch out there, this game seems incredibly fun (also someone is currently translating the Dreamcast sequel.)
A.B. Cop (SEGA Arcade) It is allot like Taito's Chase series, but set in the future, since i played the Taito games to death, this one is nice variation to keep the genre fresh.
Rival Schools / Street Fighter Ex 2 Plus / Fatal Fury - Wild Ambition (PSX) counting this as one cause lets be honest... They all look absolutely crap on LCD or Plasma, but pretty decent on CRT. so might has well have some ass kicking fun in these now i can actually enjoy them.