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What are the top 5 games you currently enjoy playing the most on your Pi and why?

    • Please don't ask where you can download the games mentioned in this thread. Downloading roms/isos is illegal and against forum policies.

    Hi all, I thought it might be fun to read what you guys currently like to play the most on your Pi systems. Also please share why you like the games so much.

    I'll kick things off:

    1 Street Fighter III Second impact (arcade) : It's a gorgeous 2d fighter with the smoothest animations ever. The parry mixes everything up big time. Also I prefer it over 3rd strike, because I prefer the backgrounds, the music, the sound effects and the exclusive widescreen mode of this second installment.

    2 Wipeout 64 (Nintendo 64): I never had a Nintendo 64 (I was a Playstation kid), but I did play A LOT of Wipeout 2097. Wipeout 64 feels like dlc for Wipeout 2097 so I love it. It's a very fast game with tight controls.

    3 Doom 64 (Nintendo 64) Same reason as the number two on this list. It resembles Playstation Doom in many ways. Especially the eerie music by Aubrey Hodges makes these Doom games stand out from the ports on other consoles.

    4 Tekken 2 (Playstation 1) : I never really stopped playing this game. Tekken 3 is the popular one, but I prefer Tekken 2 because of the soundtrack and stages and the gameplay is more simple. I only play Survival mode; the difficulty scaling is nicely balanced so you won't be playing countless of matches before things get difficult.

    5 Destruction Derby 2 (Playstation 1) : This racing game is extremely fun in short blasts. It's very difficult to win races because the other cars are quick and quite ruthless. The AI is surprisingly good; every race feels different.

  • Mario 1 (NES): All time favorite

    F-Zero (SNES): Usually only play it to test shaders and overlays, but it is fun anyway

    Super Metroid (SNES): Amazing game

    Puzzle Bobble (MAME): One of my favorite puzzle games ever

    Kid Dracula (NES): Loved this sort of kiddy take on the usually dark Castlevania games

  • Too hard for me too just pick 5 games!

  • @space-cadet Why? It's not your favorite games of all time.. just the ones you enjoy playing the most at the moment.

  • Well for one ill start out by stating that im new to the raspberry pi so these games im going to list are mostly based off of the games in my childhood that i was either never able to finish or couldnt afford

    1. x-men 2 clone wars (sega mega drive)- whats not to love about this game (if you're a marvel fan atleast) the graphics are great, the character selection is among the best of any games around this era and i think it does very well at opposing a challenge while not being a insanely difficult game. On top of all of that it supports 2 players with a comic accurate story and i could not end this without mentioning the 1st stage where they just throw you right into the fire before even getting to the start screen, best opening stage EVER

    2. mike tysons punch out (NES)- ive never had the chance to play this masterpiece in its original form. I remember playing super punch out on the snes but nothing can compare to getting to face the one and only mike tyson

    3. adventures of batman & robin (snes)- this game was actually the game that made me buy the pi in the first place. I was online looking for a cart but they run about $100 a pop so my friend filled me in on this and i pursued it. I havent got too far in this yet but its one that i highly anticipate and the 1st stage with the joker rollercoaster kicks ass can already tell im in for a great time

    4. super mario rpg (snes)- i actually didnt know about this game for quite some time. Now that i do i can proudly say im hooked. Its not a big suprise because ive always been big on the final fantasy series and this is just that with the loveable super mario cast . That might sound like a generic description about this game but its the simplicity of what some may consider a difficult genre to get into that really gives the game its charm

    5. dragon ball hyper dimension (snes)- this was one of those games i dreamed about playing as a kid but never was able to because it was only released in japan. Man did we really miss out on this one, the character sprites look amazing with a good amount of moves and really fun gameplay me and my buddies played this game for hours already and everytime i turn on the pi by instinct run to this game for 1-2 matches its just that fun and I would reccomend it even if you arent a fan of the dragon ball series

  • This was a tough list to make!

    1 - Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - It's my favourite game (don't judge me :p) and I always tend to give it a playthrough every year or so. Finished it again last month, all level 4 limit brakes, ruby and Emerald Weapon beat, never gets boring :)

    2 - Streets of Rage Remake (ports) - Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are 2 of my favourite games on the Mega Drive and the fan remake was simply phenomenal. Was soooo happy when I found @zerojay 's RetroPie-Extras script with sorr, and it works amazingly. Best side scrolling beat'em up!

    3 - X-Com Enemy Unknown/Terror From The Deep/openxcom (ports) - Another of @zerojay 's Extra scripts, openxcom works great and it's an awesome port of Xcom. I'd never got through TFTD before so was thankful of the opportunity to try it.

    4 - Earthbound (snes) - Being a Brit I missed Earthbound way back in the day, so finally got round to trying it earlier in the year; couldn't stop playing it for weeks and have gone through it 3 times now. It deserves all it's praise!

    5 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Mega Drive) - Ok I know it's technically 2 games, but who the hell plays these separately!? My personal favourite Sonic game(s) and I keep going back to them time and time again.

  • @sonicsheppard Final fantasy VII will definitely be on my list soon. Since 1997 I only finished it twice. I beat all the Weapons on my second playthrough and I really want to do it all over again.

  • The 5 games I've been consistently playing these past 5 months, trying to finish them in a single credit without much success are:

    Final Fight
    Sly Spy

    All on the arcade, Outrun and Sly Spy on AdvMame, the others in lr-mame2003.

    These aren't the best games by any stretch, but certainly a fun selection for my limited free time.

  • @sonicsheppard said in What are the top 5 games you currently enjoy playing the most on your Pi and why?:

    2 - Streets of Rage Remake (ports) - Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are 2 of my favourite games on the Mega Drive and the fan remake was simply phenomenal. Was soooo happy when I found @zerojay 's RetroPie-Extras script with sorr, and it works amazingly. Best side scrolling beat'em up!

    Seeing stuff like this makes it all worthwhile. Thank you.

  • Could someone point me to a site where I can get some of these great games for my RetroPi? I've tried read the forum rules! but that doesn't always have games that work with RetroPi.

  • @grid21 No, because it's against the rules!

  • My Pi is used to mainly play:
    Pretty soldier Sailor moon (mame)
    R-type (mame)
    Puzzle bobble (mame)
    Gallop (mame)

    Since discovering mame, the console versions of games arent doing it for me anymore, my console gaming has moved to a Wii, with the hope that it will play Wii, gamcube and N64 as well as the other pi capable systems. heres to hoping.

    1. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Greatest game of all time imo
    2. Donkey Kong Country
    3. Street Fighter III Third Strike
    4. Sonic 3 and Knuckles - This is my son's fave so its pretty much always in the top 5
    5. Super Smash T.V. - This game is so damn hard but so fun

  • Ti-99: Parsec
    Ti-99: Parsec
    Ti-99: Parsec
    Ti-99: Parsec
    MAME 0.184 Technos Japan: Karate Champ

    1. Super Mario World - specifically the GBA port because widescreen
    2. Super Mario 64 - I don't think this needs explanation
    3. Pepsiman - For the memes, of course!
    4. WindJammers - obscure, but awesome Neo Geo game
    5. Mighty Bomb Jack - legendarily hard game

  • Coding for RetroPie (all): Love the high from completing a feature!
    Earthbound (snes): Got a hacked version with new game plus. The battle system is unique.
    Super Mario RPG (snes): Mario + RPG is awesome. Plus bowser can throw Mario at enemies.
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night (psx): Friend recommended it. Love the Medusa shield!
    Chrono Trigger (snes): It has new game plus, great storyline, and cool combo moves.

    1. Medievil 1 for PSX. Great game, never played it before.
    2. Darius G also for PSX.
    3. Dodonpachi (MAME) IMO the best Shmup of all time. Greatest scoring-system ever. As all Arcade Games i play without continues and reach Level 6.
    4. and 5): Paperboy (reach Friday) and Outrun (played through the easy route last week). Simply because i love these games since decades.

    1. Mario 1
    2. Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    3. Donkey Kong
    4. Super Mario World
    5. Sly Spy
      I think the guys mentioned reasons why above :D

  • Honestly, and this is a bit embarrassing I am actually quite into the Pokémon series after I got Retropie hooked up a year ago, Don't judge :-)

  • Everyone loves pokemon ;)

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