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Does Raspberry Support Winkawks?

  • Info
    Pi Model: 3B
    Power supply: 2.5
    Built From: Pre made SD image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices Connected: Keyboard
    Controller used: None
    Error messages received: none
    Emulator: Neogeo/kawaks

    Hello, first of all I apologize if my english is not really good, I'm a non-native english speaker. Second, I do not know too much about coding BUT I like to read and I can follow instructions really well :). Saying that...

    I've been doing some research for a while and I didn't find any answer (or maybe I'm bad at looking for information). The issue is that I've been trying to know if I can install Kawaks in RetroPie and if so: Does RetroPie support it? and How can I install it? I read how to add new systems but and, from what I realize, is different from what I want to do. Sorry, but I swear I read a lot for days and I didn't find something than can really help me.

  • @huevo0nd i dont really see the need for kawaks. Lr-fba-next (finalburn alpha emulator) can do a lot more than kawaks. It can run neo geo, capcom cps 1, 2 and 3 plus quite a bit more arcades.

  • Thanks! I was saying because I heard that kawaks runs better games like King of Fighter that's why I was asking but I change the video mode for Lr-fba-next to Dmt-6 and it works much better I guess that's the One.

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