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Pi3 HDMI intermittent sound

  • Pi 3B
    5v/2.5aPower Supply
    RetroPie Version = 4.2
    Built From: on top of 4.1
    USB Devices connected: Ultimate INTV PC controller, bluetooth keyboard dongle
    Controller used: Buffalo SNES controllers / INTV controllers through the UIPC
    Error messages received: none
    Emulator: all 22 that I have loaded including Vice, JzIntv, Mupen64, DosBox, lr-xxxx, Amiberry
    TV - Roku TCL 42"

    It doesn;t happen all the time, it seems very random. Everything works great for a while, then I loose sound. Then it works great for a while. It makes no sense.

    I've been searching for days for any type of solution for this issue. I randomly loose my HDMI audio while playing games. There is no pattern to it... I've upgraded my PSU to a 5v 2.5a from a 5v 2a. I just bought a high-end HDMI cable. I adjusted the hdmi_drive=2. Tried a different TV... same... nothing corrects the issue. I even gone so far as to add copper heat sinks thinking it was a heat problem.

    Is anyone having the same problem, if so, is there a solution? I've also read that this could be a problem with the Pi3 itself?

    At any rate, I'm just looking for advice. Other than this issue, the entire setup works great.

    If you need any more info, I'm happy to supply it.



  • does this happen using a different HDMI cable? try a cheap one if possible
    edit: also might try upping the config_hdmi_boost value in /boot/config.txt

  • @jamrom2 it could also be a problem with the TV as well (as in a know issue with that particular model). Have you searched on Google for your TV model and HDMI audio problems? You'd be surprised at times what problems they have that we don't know.

    My old Samsung had some problems with video at times, and my current Toshiba one regularly starts with no sound and forces me to change channel to one where there's sound playing and go back to HDMI for it to do the proper HDMI handshake.

    Sorry can't help further.

  • Additionally, is your HDMI routing directly to your TV or is it passing through a soundbar or AV receiver?

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