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Lose controls during setup on original retropie screen

  • I am setting up my emulator on my rasberry pi iii as a first time user. I have installed retropie and I have had to reboot the device about 10 times and each time I have to configure my controller. Everytime I select an option on the setup screen whether it be wifi,, show ip, bluetooth or select any option that takes me out of retro pie, Upon returnning to the retropie setup screen, I lose controls and cant do anything on my keyboard/controller other than press F4 at which point I am forced to hit F4 and sudo_reboot.
    It is annoying trying to do the simple things and hitting barriers. I have to be done with this for the night. I hope someone can tell me what to do in the mean time. This has to be some sort of bug. FWIW, I am using a nintendo 64 usb adapter along with a n64 controller.
    Rasberry pi iii
    controller: n64 usb adapter with n64 controller
    retro pie 4.2

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    @Sashole if you have just started I would suggest starting from scratch, rather than trying to troubleshoot.

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    Did you use the official 4.2 image from the site? Did you read about the info you should post? It's not requested just for the craic. Help us to help you...

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