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Tried it and may return it...

  • Just got my Rasberry Pi 3 in the mail yesterday, installed retropie on a 32gb sandisk evo SD, and attempted to play contra and the controller lag made the game borderline unplayable, I was using a USB SNES controller, I also tried a 360 wired controller, tried 3 different tv's with game mode on including my gaming computer monitor with no change. Also tried super mario 3 and SNES super mario world. I have researched for HOURS trying to find a solution, i changed the settings around in the retroarch config and nothing really seems to help EXCEPT for turning on dispmanx for the video, which in turn makes the game play terribly. and certain other settings make the game flicker when sidescrolling,

    Fired up my WII and played contra on the emulator on that and the gameplay is smooth and lag is minimal.

    does anyone have ANYTHING else I can try? I really wanted this to work but if I cant get it fixed I am going to return the Pi and built my Wii into an emulator console. But I would prefer to get the Pi working.

  • I'd return it and try to get a classic nes ; )

  • I have a raspberry pi 3 and I been playing street fighter on an snes emilator on it. I have zero lag. I would try a different controller or try using a USB hub with it. The USB controller is what I believe to be the problem. Cupple of other things you could try are try turning on game mode on your TV and or getting a new rom for it.

  • I have tried 2 different usb controllers and game mode on 3 different tvs, this is where im stumped

  • Maybe try a fresh install on a second sd card and go from there

  • @the496rocket what is the amps on your power supply. It is supposed to be at least 2.5a. Phone chargers arent good enough for a pi 3

  • When I first started out, the Threaded Video option in RetroArch gave me a tremendous amount of input lag. Disabling that made a significant difference for me, so go to Settings -> Video, Threaded Video = Disabled and see how it goes.

    You also don't need dispmanx; I roll with gl, and I personally don't see any significant gains with dispmanx, and this is with Vsync enabled alongside gl.

  • Hi @the496rocket

    As you haven't specified, did you get the image from the Retropie website, or another source? The reason I ask is so many issues seem to be bundled up with 3rd party images at the moment.

    I too experience no noticible controller lag using an Xbox 360 wired pad, and would suggest if you are using the stock Retropie image that it is either a controller issue or an issue with your TV rendering HDMI.

  • @the496rocket Besides a possible throttling issue (lightning bolt icon popup for lack of power/temp icon for heat), are you using any video converters like hdmi to vga or something? Using original Retropie 4.2 and not some custom image? Honestly, I've had nothing but a decent experience with my pi's. My only hair pulling issues are setting up multiple controller types..

  • Definitely worth swapping the power supply. I had problems with my USB controller using a phone charger. I swapped it for an Official Pi branded supply which is rated at 2.5A and that was much better.

  • I am currently flashing the image to another SD just to rule that out.

    I am using a 3a wall outlet that I got with the kit I bought off eBay, so far haven't had any issues with a lightning bolt or anything. I'm going to be messing with it for the rest of the night to try and figure this out...

  • And no converters, hdmi straight from the pi to the tvs I have tried.

  • @the496rocket unfortunately there are a billion bootleg chinese junk sd cards out there. So you have to be careful when buying them.

  • @the496rocket could be sd card if u got a cheap Chinese 1 I had same problem with my so called 64gb card. Best thing to do is get the official 2.5a raspberry power supply either a 4 or 10 sd card which I've had no problems with. And use a playstation 3 pad I've no issues with this either. And my pi is running perfect with official retropie 4.2.
    Do a fresh install on a decent sd card n try it again with a different rom of the game.
    If.u still having same.problem then it could be the pi itself

  • Well after following the suggestions I have the lag down to a tolerable level except for super Mario world which I guess is very common. Thanks all for the help with this...

    However I've been playing a lot of contra tonight and I'm pretty disappointed about the slowdowns I am getting during the game. I have tried different emulators as well as different resolutions, to no avail. This pi 3 should have more than enough juice to power these emulators at full speed. I have emulators set up on my Xbox and it plays emulators and super Mario 64 and Mario mars without a single hiccup... and from what everyone says the pi 3 is more powerful than the Xbox. Mario 64 took a lot of tweaking to be decently playable ok the pi. Anyone have any insight with this new problem? The microsd I have says Samsung evo+ right on it I would hope it's genuine since I paid extra for the premium sd card....

    I apologize if I should start a new thread. Let me know if so.

  • have you tried overclocking the Pi a bit?

  • Contra is an old game, the Pi doesn't need to be overclocked to handle it.

    Which version are you playing? The NES version has slight slowdown at some points. It happens on real hardware and the emulator won't correct this either.

  • @the496rocket please, try to fill the form in the read this first post.

    There must be something wrong in your setup. RetroPie on a raspi3 with decent peripherals can run smoothly any game from the 8/16-bit era without any tweak. Just install, config input, put your ROMs and play.

    [Footnote: OK, maybe 3D games, like StarFox (SNES) and Virtua Racing (Mega Drive), can stutter a bit. But the games you mentioned should work just fine.]

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