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Moonlight thoughts

  • So I decided to load up moonlight on my retropie tonight. For those that don't know, this program allows you to stream your steam games to a pi as long as you have a nvidia gpu in your windows based pc. Anyways I thought I'd post my thoughts and experiences with it to see if anyone else has had similar experiences or better, and if anyone has any additional tips or tweaks.

    I was running over wifi with it. (I've got to try wired next) I was able to run a stable 30fps stream of Fable at 720p for about 20 mins with no glitches. At 20 mins it became extremely laggy, and that's where I'm going to call it quits for tonight. I need to see if there is some kind of 20 min wall where I would hit consistent problems, if going wired would improve things, and if wire lets me play for longer with no problems if it can be boosted to 60fps instead of just 30.

    On the positive side, the install was easy with one mild exception of needing to actually open the geforce experience on my computer before pairing. The script I wrote for moonlight scrapes in the ports section, and my Wii U Pro controller was setup correctly with no additional steps needed.

  • Ok so I hooked the pi up to a wired connection this morning. I continued my testing with Fable and was able to play this morning for about an hour with no problems even with Netflix going in another room.

    Later tonight I'm going to change the moonlight launcher script I wrote to see how it runs at a full 60fps rather than the 30fps I started testing at.

    Over all I'm very impressed with it.

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