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Request: Title Metadata in Detailed & Video View

  • With all of the awesome EmulationStation development happening right now, I'd like to request something that was asked for a while ago.

    I'd like to have a new text field added, called "md_title", that would display the selected game's title. This was implemented in the GridView​ Mod, but it seems that development is dead for now.

    I know it may seem redundant, but I can imagine a few scenarios where it would be very cool to use in a theme (I'm currently working on just such a thing right now!). Without this addition, the idea for a theme I want will become impossible or will take extreme measures to complete.

    I don't know how difficult it would be, but compared to the scale of some of the other projects bring worked on, it seems pretty doable (to my very untrained eyes).

    Is this something that is possible? Is it something that could be rolled into the main RetroPie branch?

  • @cafarellidigital
    I'm pretty sure this is part of this discussion on overhauling how themes are handled.

    Also sad about grid view.

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