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Issues with new SFC30/SNES30 newly released firmware 4.0? *Can mark as closed*

  • WAS Retroarch.cfg in /all/ had supebulous input_player_1 entries for some reason.

    Anyone having trouble after updating to the newest 8Bitdo controller firmware; 4.0?

    Pi: 3 B
    RetroPi: Latest 4.0 build
    Controller: SFC30
    Firmware: 4.0

    EDIT: I am starting to suspect my tetrarch.cfg in /all/ would someone mind looking at it?

    After initial setup and config/update. Sync controller with Bluetooth, reboot, run ES config. Everything working fine in ES.

    Boot any emu and Right Button is Start, and B is A and A is B and X + Y or Start do nothing.

    But, hot keys work.

    I compared the config in /retroarch-joystick/ and firstly it has spaces in the name

    "8Bitdo SFC30 Gamepad.cfg" (guide does not)

    But, the config looks the same. Everything matches the example config.

    I have not tried downgrading to 3.x for controller firmware.

    Also, when I select the hack option in Retropie Config it just flashes the screen and goes back to the top option in the menu. Is that normal?

    EDIT: Downgrading to 3.0 does not resolve the issue. Starting with R+Start and redoing entire setup after downgrade and reboot.

  • Hey I am having the EXACT same issue. So did you Filezilla in and remove the extra "input_player_1" entries? Ive been messing with this since Saturday. I also had this issue with an afterglow xbox 360 controller.

    Pi: 3 B
    RetroPi: Latest 4.0 build
    Controller: NES30 Pro
    Firmware: 4.0

    so same specs as yourself.

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