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Neo Geo X Build

  • Here is mine! IMG_20190115_144119-min.jpg
    It's a strictly neogeo build with no arcade, but replaced with neogeo pocket instead with marquee and videos for each of those games also.

    I also made a "princess stick" out of the neogeo x stick ! and ordered those transparent black buttons online from over in the USA (am in the UK), and made it so I can switch the lights off by putting a switch under the cable at the back.
    There is a script provided by ETA PRIME on youtube on how to get the neogeo x stick to run.
    What I did also was wire it so that it took the existing power port of the neogeo x console case, added 20awg wire from the power port to the switch (to be on the safe side with the extra power from the power supply) on the case and a direct power feed then from the switch to the micro usb lead (I always had the lightning bolt appear on my screen).
    I also had an issue where through micro usb the image on the tv was not a true 1080p so it had borders around it on the screen. Could be my tv.. however I further modded it by cutting away the MINI HDMI port on the pcb and fitting a hdmi panel mount cable in there. IMG_20190206_120124-min.jpg

    I have a good raspberry pi power supply, which I put an SNK logo on and I wired the correct DC connector to the end (It had a micro usb on the end initially) so that it connects to the console properly without modding the back of the case again. IMG_20190117_113539-min.jpg

    Inside the case I have mounted the usb for the front port (this is also powered through the dc power supply, I havent noticed any input lag) that raises the pi up, the pi rests on a lego piece to keep it raised off the case.

    On the Pi there are two fans, one of the fans is up inside the lid, there are air holes in the case already so the air gets ejected out there.
    I am running a Pi 3b+ and I have noticed the videos run better, on the 3b I was experiencing some video glitches and artefacts showing up and blocky pixels but the extra cpu power seems to have cured this (screen tearing on videos is still there).
    I have wired it also like done here so that the top button can be used, however I've not yet wired this to the pi.
    I'd like it to just return to emulationstation menu when pressed but seems very confusing to do this and had no luck yet. Am thinking just to have it act as a safe shutdown button instead.

    Other things i've done is used the neogeo mini usb control pad, it's annoying me with the wrong colour buttons though so will look into changing this somehow.

    Am very happy with the theme so big thank you for this.

    My last thing I need to do is when you are in a game and then quit back to emulation station it loads a black background and then the theme loads back in.

    I know from a megadrive pi console and theme i've made that you can have an image that loads instead of this blackness that is a blurred image of your menu and it will load this instead of the black.
    Do you know what I mean? But I can't seem to figure out where this image would go in your theme as the theme settings are all different to another theme ive worked on (Am a bit of a noob at this, but getting there).

    Anyways so here is my progress and just wanted to say thanks am super happy with this now ultimate neo geo console!!

  • What is the quality of the Neo Geo x joystick like - I fancy getting one and have seen ETA Primes video of it but he said the buttons etc were a little loose and it feel lightweight so wonder what it is really like in use?

  • @chubsta I have never used an original one but this feels ok! It's not terrible.
    I think quality control on these is random so you could get one better than the other but my one is fine and internally it looked sound also.

    I couldnt seem to get the joystick ball off and using a flat head screwdriver on the bottom, the metal driver slot just bent away so the metal used for the base of the joystick isn't great but you could destroy it and put in your own jamma one that can swap easier.

    The buttons are like control pad buttons (rubber membrane) but the joystick is arcade switches! So you could customise it with better switches as it is wired like a jamma arcade stick. The buttons are all exactly as the official neogeo stick, I know this because I imported official buttons and they fit perfectly.
    The price on it is great, the overall plastic and print quality looks great. ive seen a lot of cheap chinese plastics but this is not one of those. It's got a great texture to the plastic like a SNES console is to touch.
    You could add some weight to it if needed (glue gun some metal weight in there)
    If you are picky then with modifications you could get it perfect with not much effort but for the price it is very functional and definitely looks the part and doesnt seem like it would break very easily.

    But again i recommend modding it a bit perhaps you like less clicky stick or more clicky etc etc

    I have to say as well about what ETA had said about the buttons feeling loose and lightweight, its just down to what you are used to really. If you are used to a really solid arcade control panel then you will notice the lightness of this stick.
    But ideally this stick is not so much for tabletop but it is really for your lap so you don't want this heavy stick on your lap.
    If you mash the buttons hard you will notice they don't click like an arcade stick, they are like say for example the NES Advantage stick.
    With modifications you could make it feel heavier, more solid, put better arcade joystick switches in, when I added the led's to mine the wires push the buttons back upwards, so that the buttons seem to pop back up quicker than they normally would.
    I think with weights, gluegun some extra support in there etc it would make it a really solid stick

  • @mrbee thanks for the really in-depth 'review' - I love Neo Geo games and really like the look of the joystick so will grab one, I have a spare 3B+ lying around so may make a single system console and this stick would work great with it I think.

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