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Issues with player 2 controller randomly remapping itself

  • I have 2 sets of arcade joysticks and buttons i got online, intsalled them and player 1 worked perfectly fine and checked player 2. Obviously i had to configure them both. Even then, p2 controller will not stay synced. The joystick works but all of the button are not configured. I tried everything from configuring them both several times and restarting the system. Also switch leads and usb ports on the pi itself. If i configure one controller, the other one disconnects its buttons. Does anyone else have this issue

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    It will help to have more information about your setup. The required information can be found at

  • @colebeansbroskie if you have two sets of joysticks and buttons you have to set up the buttons the exact same way. You never have to configure player 2. Once you set up one, after rebooting your system both will work. If the buttons are different on player 2, it means you put them in the wrong order. You need to set up player one then reboot. Then go into a game that uses all your buttons and in that game press a button on player one and see what it does. then find that same button on player two. Now put that button in the same spot player one has it. Keep doing that until all the buttons match.

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