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JABT (Just another bar top)

  • Just thought I would pop this one in here. Nothing special. After a house move I was unable to complete my last bartop due to missing parts. I do not yet have a workshop in my new place, so I bought a formica veneered bartop kit from a UK ebay vendor. The kit is a pretty decent one and a good price compared to others of this spec.


    Looking at the vendors reviews, it looks as if he has just started on selling these and indeed I had a couple of problems (missing T-groove on one of the panels and some missing fittings). However on contacting him I got replacement parts near instantly without any hassle.


    The quality of the kit is very good. The vendor has pocketed all the joins bar the control panel and the back panel. This made for a very easy build. All the fittings (screws, blocks etc) were included with the exception of the perspex. I had some scraps that I had acquired for the previous project that I cut to size.


    The marquee came from rockstarprint and had to be trimmed down to fit (limiting me slightly to the design) I backlit it using some cheap chinese import led strip.

    The specs:
    Samsung 19' Syncmaster monitor (bought secondhand)
    Rpi3 Running 8gb SD plus 32GB USB stick
    Sure Tripath 2024 amp module
    3.5mm Jack Ground Loop Isolator (HAVIT branded)
    2m of led strip in marque
    ATX power supply (probably from old DELL, been sitting in my parts bin for years)
    Xin Mo dual arcade controller,
    Zippy Sticks and Buttons

    Still to do:
    Add external USB sockets
    Setup Retropie properly

  • @Justblair Just a heads up that I can't see your images. I just get the grey circle with a line through it.

  • Global Moderator

    same! would love to see what it looks like and who the seller is as i'm in the UK and in the market for a bartop build also :)

    BTW, you can just drag images from your computer to the text boxes here and they will be uploaded directly, if that helps.

  • @dankcushions Thanks. that was not obvious to me when posting. Can you see them now?

  • @Justblair Yup. Looks snazzy too.

  • Global Moderator

    yep, working now! looks nice - can you please link to the seller of the cab parts? sounds like it could be idea :)

  • @dankcushions I can certainly recommend the kit, I was looking for something that I did not need to paint, the formica certainly gives a good finish.

    There is a slight rough edge where the control panel meets the screen. The design has an angled cut here and the formica chips out slightly.

    I will try and find a plastic trim piece for it. It is not a major complaint. I am not sure if the other similar kits have the same problem

    This was the cheapest formica faced kit available. Riches bartops dropped their price after I had ordered, but his is still £30 more expensive when courier costs are taken into account.

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