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"Illegal Instruction" on previously working RP

  • I have the same issue. I had a working RPi2 with Retropie 4.2 (all manually installed and updated). I decided to update Jessie to the actual build (via apt-get update / apt-get upgrade) und Retropie to the actual version 4.3.1.
    Now I get "illegal instruction" after trying to start Emulationstation.
    I tried to re-update Emulationstation but this didn't helped.
    What went wrong? Is my SD card corrupted? Any dependencies missing?

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    @jimbo27 Did you also upgrade Jessie to Stretch ? I've seen this 'Illegal instruction' in ES when the wrong GLES libraries are installed and ES thinks it's running under X11 instead of the framebuffer.

  • @mitu hm, I just made an update via apt-get update/upgrade and got a new kernel. I thought I'd stay on the Jessie path if I did a normal update. Did I accidentally installed Stretch over Jessie? How can I check this?

  • My kernel is Linux 4.9.35-v7+

    cat /etc/os-release:
    PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)"
    NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
    VERSION="8 (jessie)"

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    @jimbo27 No, you didn't upgrade - as you mentioned below, to upgrade you need to change the distro release in the sources.list and then do a apt-get dist-upgrade. Just wanted to check that you didn't accidentally upgrade to Stretch, since it's still unsupported.

    Can you run EmulationStation via SSH (should work) and paste the complete error message ? What does ldd $(which emulationstation) show (paste here the output) ?

  • @mitu said in "Illegal Instruction" on previously working RP:

    ldd $(which emulationstation)

    Starting Emulationstation via SSH results in:
    Illegal Instruction

    Using ldd $(which emulationstation) results in:
    not a dynamic executable

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    @jimbo27 Then it's not the same error as I've seen before. I'm at a loss.

  • @mitu Thanks anyway. I will restore my backup and install all updates step by step. Let's see at which point Emulationstation will break.

  • I made a fsck on the partition which contains Retropie. There were several errors. :(
    So it seems my SD card is corrupted.

  • I can confirm it was the SD card. I bought a new one and made all updates. After that everything runs as intended. :)

    PS: I buyed a more expensive SanDisk Extreme. Much faster than the SanDisk Ultra I had before!

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