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Retropie will not boot after shutdown

  • Hello, I have a problem where retropie would not boot after i shut it down the proper way, by pressing exit then pressing shutdown system. After doing so, when I wanted to turn it on again, all i got was no signal from my television, i even rewrited my sd card 3 times but to no avail D: (Im new to the Pi as well) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Pi model: Raspberry Pi 3 Mobel B
    Powersupply used: 12W Ipad charger
    Retropie version: 4.2
    Built from pre made image from retropie
    USB devices: keyboard
    Controller: Creative pad ( Megadrive lookalike)
    No errors were found as all i got was a no signal

  • Hi @LethalTopDeck

    This could be any number of things, however I would suggest trying a different SD card as the first thing.

    Also, when you shutdown, does the green light go off when the shutdown has completed? I seem to remember this happening before with some HDMI TVs keeping the Pi alive somehow.

    It may also be worth trying a different power source. I have had mixed results with my iPad charger, where it hasn't been able to supply enough power consistently.

  • @simonster

    Thank you for your reply, yes i have switched power supplies and the green light went off before i switched it off. I did not replace the sd card however as it is the only one i have and i will not be getting one soon.

    What i plan to do today is to redownload retropie and redo all the whole process again. If it fails, i will safely presume that it is my sd cards fault.

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