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How to stylize the "carousel" in systemview menu?

  • Hello. I have not visited the forum for a long time, and maybe I missed something.
    Sometimes I write my own themes, and I wanted to stylize the screen with a choice of system.


    At a minimum, I would like to change the position of the "carousel" on the screen. By default, it is located in the center of the screen and closes a useful space, and I would like to move it down, or vertically. In general, I want more opportunities for creativity. Is it possible to do this without interfering with the ES binary file? That is, using the usual code in the .xml file?

    PS - sometimes I think that the best solution would be to disable the system selection screen altogether. So that after loading ES immediately opened the "gamelist".

    PPS - please try to answer without using abbreviations and complex words. I do not speak English, so I have to translate the text into Google. Thanks!

  • See @ruckage 's NES mini theme. Will give you a lot of ideas for the carousel.

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