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Sprite Editing (Genesis Specific)

  • My cousin and I have played the Genesis port of Forgotten Worlds every Christmas Eve since probably 15 years before I knew what a 'port' was. We would throw on maximum cheats to increase the zenny values until we were filthy stinkin rich. With the RetroPie, I've 'hacked' a few cheats in to make the Christmas Eve Edition of Forgotten Worlds. I have a cute little box art and screenshot of the guys in their Santa Hats... It's not enough.

    I'd love to be able to create 16-bit sprites of my cousin and I in the game. Does anyone know of or have a specific tool that they like to use? I've never done this. How labor intensive is it, and is it even feasible? Changing the in game sprites would be great but, really, even if just the cut scene guys were us it would be a huge win for me.


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