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Issue with retopie boot. Emulationstation not starting.

  • I am having an issue that happened to more then one install. I am using Retropie then reboot and no emulationstation. No command prompt, and I am not sure what is going on. I made a video showing what is happening. video

    If this has been answered I could not find the info as I did know how to really describe the problem when do a search. Please help.......

  • @Maverick923 Please could you post more information about your setup as requested in -

    What image is this? From where? What Pi? What PSU? etc. etc.

  • I have a Raspberry Pi 3.
    I have a Anfu 5v 2.5A PSU
    Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)Running Retropie 4.2
    I got the image from here
    I have this connected Buffalo iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC BSGP815GY.
    No error, but Retropie just rebooted, and Emulationstation would not start on its own. I need to loggin through SSH to start emulation station and it only works when I go to /usr/bin, but nothing will work when I try to launch. I just this in the terminal "/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ line 961: /dev/tty: No such device or address"
    On my Tv the pi keeps trying to SSH to these different addresses, but I blocked SSH so each connection is timing out.

    I do not have /dev/shm/runcommand.log

    As I was writing this, I had the Pi running and I had stepped away. I had returned to continue providing info and while I was doing this emulationstation started and all is working. The same thing happened yesterday, but when I rebooted it was doing the same thing as before where the pi is trying to SSH to a bunch of different places. Now perhaps it would seem that I just need to wait a long time perhaps an hour before it boots.

    I see this in the log Jun 28 09:27:04 retropie kernel: [ 5082.025225] Out of memory: Kill process 1063 (dC5RN9mk) score 5 or sacrifice child
    Jun 28 09:27:04 retropie kernel: [ 5082.025250] Killed process 1063 (dC5RN9mk) total-vm:9032kB, anon-rss:164kB, file-rss:336kB

    My Auth log
    Some of my syslog
    I hope this info helps.

    Sorry about not providing this info, I thought perhaps my video documentation would have been sufficient.

  • @Maverick923 It's not something that I have seen before but it could be a corrupt image. Is your SD card genuine and compatible? Also, I would firstly try an alternative card if you have one. How did you write the image? How did you format the card first? All the info is required to rule out basic power supply issues and to see if your image is genuine. Did it come from directly?

  • @rbaker OK I am not sure what you mean if my SD is compatible, but this is what I got 2 of shipped and sold by Amazon

    I did not do a test on it, but I will if you think I should.

    I formatted the sd using SD formatter for windows, and I wrote the image using win32diskimager. This happened on two previous installs, and now this is the 3rd install.

    Yes I got the images from here, and I clicked the download for the pi3, and and downloaded the image from here

  • @Maverick923 click the link and look down the list to see if your card is supported on a raspberry Pi. Your card could be counterfeit even if purchased on Amazon. The first review I saw said "Another counterfeit item from Amazon? I have a 50% failure rate on getting items that are obvious fakes. This card was sealed in the cardboard packaging, but cutting it open shows the plastic sleeve holding the card is sealed with a piece of scotch tape. The card itself barely gets 1/2 the rated rated speed on USB 3.0 ports with the right adapter. Other flash memory works correctly at rated speeds.". Have you used the card successfully before?

  • @rbaker I have another for MP3's, and it seems to work. I can do a memtest on it just to make sure and report back.

    Also it seems to me emulationstation booted on it's own perhaps when this happened "Out of memory: Kill process 1063 (dC5RN9mk) score 5 or sacrifice child
    Jun 28 09:27:04 retropie kernel: [ 5082.025250] Killed process 1063 (dC5RN9mk) total-vm:9032kB, anon-rss:164kB, file-rss:336kB"

    After further investigation I found this in /etc/rc.local

    "#!/bin/sh -e
    #exit 0"

    I commented /opt/dC5RN9mk out. Then did a reboot and long and behold emulationstation booted right up. I would like to know what dC5RN9mk is.

    I looked in this script and doing a little searching, this is what I found

    It is a good read.

    It explains why the pi password would not work. It was changed. I have a VPN setup, and thought it was totally secure. Apparently it was not. I will now need to change the pi password which is something I should have done anyway, but to keep things simple I didn't, so let me serve as an example to change the default password even on IVACY VPN with a killswitch.

  • @Maverick923 oh wow, it is a good read indeed. Thank you for sharing it.

  • @Maverick923 said in Issue with retopie boot. Emulationstation not starting.:


    I remember there being more stuff in /etc/rc.local, does anyone know where can I find the original file?

  • @Maverick923 Mine contains:

    #!/bin/sh -e
    # rc.local
    # This script is executed at the end of each multiuser runlevel.
    # Make sure that the script will "exit 0" on success or any other
    # value on error.
    # In order to enable or disable this script just change the execution
    # bits.
    # By default this script does nothing.
    exit 0

  • @pjft Thanks, it looks like nothing important was missing. After further investigation I found so far the only other thing that was installed was Zmap, and from what I read it scans the network traffic. All kinds of personal data could have been captured. I don't think it was running long enough to do any real damage.

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