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Help: Multiple Config Settings in Retroarch for a Single System

  • Hello all,

    I'm working on a new build of my Retropie and one of the more extensive folders is my Arcade folder, comprising of MAME 2003, FBA and NeoGeo.

    For all of my other systems using Retroarch and the Configuration Editor in Retropie, I have my settings tweaked as far as the borders and shader for each system, since all of the games for a particular system are usually a 4:3 ratio.

    However, for the Arcade games, I have some games that are more vertical, using a 3:4 ratio. By default, my main settings are of the 4:3 variety, but for each ROM in 3:4, I have to manually configure a number of settings to get it looking right to my tastes.

    TL:DR Version - With a 4:3 Setting by default (complete with the right border and shader), is there a way to create and select in Retroarch a separate 3:4 Setting (with its own border and shader) where I don't have to fiddle with a bunch of settings for each ROM?

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    @Garisaan i think to answer that it would help me to know what you're trying to achieve with the tweaks? like what would sort of non-default settings would you be applying?

  • It's mainly tweaks to the video ratio, overlays and shader.

    My main config is set to a 4:3 video ratio. From there, I use a particular border to fit that 4:3 video and apply a shader that works for this mode (case in point crt-pi-curvature).

    My secondary config would be set at a 3:4 video ratio, mainly used is vertical screens for shoot em ups or older game. I have another border that'll fit this ratio and am using a different shader (crt-pi-curvature-vertical).

    Since my main config is for 4:3 games, if I encounter a game that fits better using 3:4, I have to change not only the video ratio from 4:3 to 3:4, but also the border and shader manually for each ROM and save as a Game Overwrite in Retroarch to keep the setting for that ROM.

    Basically, I want to switch between a Horizontal (4:3) series of settings (which is set to default) and a Vertical (3:4) series of settings.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    @Garisaan i have done something sort of like this here:

    if you use the last two links in that post, it will give you crt-pi-curvature-vertical shader in vertical mame games, and the regular curvature shader in the rest.

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