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Atari 2600 Video Problems

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3b
    Using adequate power cable (no lighting bolt using Raspian).
    RetroPie 4.2

    Hi People,
    I am having trouble with Atari 2600 emulation.
    All of my ROMs load up with their video so squashed I cannot recognise anything.
    I have tried configuring the video before launch by pressing A and I have used many different video settings, but none of them make any difference.
    Anyone got any ideas?

  • In the retroarch.cfg that resides in the atari2600 config folder, try setting aspect_ratio_index= 0 - that should force fit to 4:3 aspect ratio. Not sure why you are having video issues unless you messed with something in the launchcommand popup menu, if you did try removing any custom settings.

  • @crumbs are you using stella or lr-stella?

  • Thanks @Capeman, I tried changing the config but no help.

    @edmaul69, I'm using lr-stella.

    I tried zipping it and unzipping it because I'm never sure which way is best.

  • Could you take a picture of what a game looks like playing and post for us to see? Im interested in just how squashed it's appearing.

  • @crumbs what resolution is your tv? When you select a game it pops up press a button to configure and either remove any video settings you have set or set it to the resolution of your tv and see if that helps.

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