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Still having a lot of trouble with CD-Based Games

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3 B
    Power Supply used: (If using a Pi): Vilros
    RetroPie Version Used: v4.2
    Built From: RetroPie Website
    USB Devices connected: Dual Shock 4 (v2)
    Controller used: Dual Shock 4 (v2)

    I hate to admit it, but I just can't figure out how to get CD based games to work on my RetroPi. I'm having trouble with Sega CD, Turbo CD, and PS1 games. It's making me feel quite inexperienced.

    With Sega CD and Turbo CD the same thing happens, the file starts screen goes black then dumps me back at the game selection.

    I went through the docs and help FAQs, and it mentioned needing a bios. So I downloaded the suggested Bios zip file, unzipped it and could not find the bin file in the zip.

    With PS1 games, the game loads up, and there is a quick mention of a bios in the lower left hand corner of the screen. I see a quick screen of the game I am attempting to play, then it dumps me back to the RetroPi home page. I am curious if I need to get a bios for this as well, or is it because the game is split into a single cue file and 5 bins (1 for each track)

    Also, before someone asks. Yea, I have made sure the Bin and Cue files are the same name, capitals and everything. For future reference, If I change the names, do I have to change the name reference inside the cue as well?

    Anyways, any and all help would be appreciated.. thank you all who read my post.

  • @Jiryn some bios files are named the exact same as they need to be. If it has something like matching numbers it is the correct one. Just rename them correctly. That includes caps and lowercase even in the file extension. Linux is case sensitive.

  • @edmaul69
    Yea, I'm just having trouble using Windows 10 to search for file types...
    Thank you for the information, that helps quite a bit...

    Would the bio be in the main zip folder, or sub folders? I click the lr-genesis-plus-gx and download the zip but have been trouble finding the bin file.

  • @Jiryn you have to search the web for the bios files. Retropie does not have them.

  • @edmaul69 Oh, I thought the links provide in the DOCs/FAQ had the bios in them!!
    I feel incredibly stupid now.

  • I've found handy installing the BIOS files via the web UI for RetroPie. It'll automatically scan the file and if it's not right it'll tell you. Saved me some time with trial and error.

  • @Starcade2084
    Retropie web ui?

  • @Jiryn Yeah. If your computer is on the same network as your Pi (and the Pi is running) you can access it via your web browser of choice. I've had it activated for so long I'd forgotten how to make it work, thankfully @ETAPRIME has that covered:

    Once active, you can drag-and-drop your BIOS files via the web page. If they're not what RetroPie is looking for it'll tell you then you can seek another source. Saves the time and hassle of repeatedly booting up your Pi to see if you've fixed the problem.

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