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Two PS3 controllers in AdvanceMAME 0.94 ?

  • Hey guys, I'm a bit of a noob with the Pi, hoping I'm just missing something simple here....Is anyone successfully using two PS3 controllers in AdvanceMAME 0.94 with Retropie? I was having issues getting either of them to work at all until I edited the "device_joystick auto" setting to "device_joystick sdl" in the .rc file.
    Now the first controller is working great, but Mame won't recognize my button presses when I attempt to configure the second controller. Both controllers work fine in every other emulator I have tried.
    I believe all my files are current as I just updated everything...Any help is greatly appreciated :)

  • @vicviper99 try mapping the second controller using TAB key on a keyboard to bring up the menu. AdvanceMAME isn’t a Retroarch emulator, so it doesn’t share any configs with other emulators. It is stand alone, so not surprising that it differs from others.

  • Hi thanks for the reply. Yes, I am using the TAB key to access the config menu. I did it successfully for controller 1, but controller 2's buttons are not being picked up. Did further testing, and it appears that the only button it WILL recognize is the select button...This leads me to believe I need to do something so that MAME sees controller 2 as the same kind of device as controller 1....

    Both controllers have been tested and work properly on a PS3.

  • @vicviper99 so you can set up ps3 controllers with the regular bluetooth now. At the moment the vibration and auto shutoff doesnt work. You have to hold the ps button down for 10 seconds to shutoff your controller. No biggie really. There is a recent thread telling you how to do set up your ps3 controllers with the regular bluetooth. With this method like other bluetooth controllers it sets your ps3 controllers as player 1 and 2 instead of being the last controllers.

  • @vicviper99 Have you tried device_joystic raw configuration in your .rc file? You mention using SDL which is interesting. I am guesing you have looked into the device settings here. Using SDL probably requires you to set options using environment variables as noted there. Using RAW might allow you to specify which joystick number maps to specific user inputs. Just a thought. I don't have direct experience with this since I use a keyboard controller, but my analog inputs use multiple mouse devices (spinners, trackball) and for that, I need to use RAW input and specify which device number I am mapping in the input mapping lines.

  • I tried device_joystick raw first and had no luck with either controller, but sdl worked so i stuck with that. I will take another look at it. Thanks for the reply!

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