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Ataribox first look

  • Since i got this in my email this morning and no one has posted anything yet, i thought i would share

  • @edmaul69 i too got an email this morning. Honestly, I'm a bit skeptical about what games, aside from the retro classics, Atari will be incorporating into this system. Newer gen games and graphics? We all know how awesome the Jaguar turned out to be...
    Regardless I'm all about that wood grain slim line black model. Dig.

  • It looks great, I just hope it's not another AMD based pc in a fancy box.
    A new, real console would be cool.

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    I can't believe the foolish optimist in me won out. It's great to see the prospect of new Atari games. One can only hope that they're able to capture a little of that old magic.

  • @celly I'm speculating here, but I'm thinking it might turn out to be a custom Android based box like the Nvidia Shield. That way they could keep adopters enticed with new offerings from Indie developers. Just a long shot guess, but could very well be.

  • As a fan of gaming: This is awesome, I'd love to see a new console enter the market

    As a fan of the old Atari consoles: I'm angry about the lack of 2600 controller ports and a cartridge slot.

  • 2600 was my first system! So excited to see atari back in business!

  • @drake999 said in Ataribox first look:

    @celly I'm speculating here, but I'm thinking it might turn out to be a custom Android based box like the Nvidia Shield.

    that is what im thinking too.

  • I think this is an awesome compromise between the classic, purist Atari and something more modern. I'd be keen to see some new Atari games to go with it though

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    I've been thinking a lot about what a modern game that could evoke that classic ATARI feeling might look like. Back when ATARI reigned supreme, a game could be about anything. The barrage of space shooters aside, we got some truly wild and creative concepts from that era at almost every turn. Not unlike those endless space shooters of the time, most modern games tend to revolve around controlling a guy running around an environment and interacting with various modes of transportation.

    Looking beyond that admittedly fun, but tired concept, what else is out there besides the tried and true racing and sports games that have always existed? Perhaps the perfect model of creativity in modern gaming and that which most closely emulates that original bygone era can be found in Indy and mobile gaming. Sure, every so often we get a AAA title that captures that classically creative, "anything goes" feeling with something like 'Portal', but it really seems as though the only place left to consistently experience a new concept in gaming is through independent development and the type of games found mainly on mobile platforms. To that end, if it is that the ATARI Box does end up delivering their own exclusive games alongside an interface for the Android store, perhaps the two might be perfectly matched for each other.

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