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JoyPad doesn't work in some psx games.

  • hello.
    i have got this wierd problem. as we all know psx emulation works flawlessly on raspberrypi 3. i can run all my favorite games on it ... but in some of them joypad not working. i have problem for example with Legend of Mana, Little Big Adventure and some others. have no idea whats goin on. im checked retroarch setting during the game and controls seems to be set just fine (like in all other games).
    this is a long time problem and finally i decited to write about it. im using latest retropie (4.2.10) and still some games do not allow to use my joypad (even if its conected which i can see while game is starting). dont know what to do.
    does anyone experienced same issue ? some advices ?
    thank you in advance ;)

  • @xflesk some games cant use analog and some require analog. When you are in a game press your hotkey (usually select) + X to get into retroarch gui. Go into quick menu then options. Change your controls between standard and analog. Sometimes you have to change all 8 controllers to match if it doesnt work changing just the first two players.

  • wow @edmaul69, thank you very much. i didn't think about it. i switched joypad from analog to standart in Little Big Adventure and its working now ;) legend of mana works as well
    you are great, cheers

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