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Video Previews System Menu View

  • Is it possible to use preview videos in system view while scrolling through the system view menu in emulation station?

    This should be possible now, after I recently stumbled across "Hyperpie." It appears Hyperpie comes with preinstalled scrapped images/videos snaps and what really caught my attention, VIDEO PREVIEWS FOR SYSTEM VIEW while scrolling through emulation station's system view menu. If Hyperpie could do it, then RetroPie should be able too???

    I have Launch box with Big Box and emumovies subscription on my gaming pc. But since I've got my Pi, I haven't touched launch box on my pc. Using the Pi is so much more practicle for my needs. I would like to use the system view videos from my emumovies subscription with RetroPie. I was thinking of opening the themelist file (in retropie folders) and replacing the "image" tag with "video" tag, rename my mp4 system view video to the name of the corresponding system (eg, playstion), put the path of the video in the themelist file and it should work? But that sounds too easy and doesn't seem like it would work that way.

    What do you guys think? I'm loving video snaps for roms & background menu music (with audio for all video snaps muted of course). But to also have video previews while I'm scrolling through systems view menu while playing my favorite songs in the background would just be icing on the cake for real!

  • @muehltime thank you for your reply... Lol I knew someone would have read my post wrong lol..... I was requesting "system preview video" possibility. Not preview video snaps for roms like in the video you posted. Thanks again though

  • @yfresh59 I think one way is called. Attract mode.

  • @muehltime ah Attract Mode. Never thought of that. But I'm concerned about after installing and using Attract Mode, will I still be able to boot into Kodi and Rasbian Pixel and vice versa? Also, will my music still be able to be played in the Attract Mode menu ; and still have the ability mute the preview rom video snaps and system preview videos? I'll just have to make a backup of my sd card right before I install Attract Mode, and see how that works out.

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