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Emulationstation font size in portrait

  • I set up my RetroPie with a vertical screen, but as you all know, the font sizes are hardcoded in emulationstation.

    Just a quick glance, but it looks to me like

    #define FONT_SIZE_SMALL ((unsigned int)(0.035f * Renderer::getScreenHeight()))
    #define FONT_SIZE_MEDIUM ((unsigned int)(0.045f * Renderer::getScreenHeight()))
    #define FONT_SIZE_LARGE ((unsigned int)(0.085f * Renderer::getScreenHeight()))

    in /es-core/src/resources/Font.h could maybe be changed to take, essentially, MIN(Renderer::getScreenHeight(),Renderer::getScreenWidth()) and the font issues in vertical layouts would improve quite a lot?

    Haven't messed with it myself, nor checked to see if other layout things would get fixed (like buttons spilling out) but it seems possible, if it's all scaled around the fonts...

  • @rkoster I tested this idea out it it definitely is an improvement. I am going submit it in the near future.

  • Awesome, glad to hear it! It's a old mobile game dev trick for dealing with fonts and games that you can rotate to landscape or portrait.

  • @jdrassa Saw you submitted this, thank you!

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • I tested this out by building from source, and yes, it is definitely an improvement. Since the font is taller than it is wide, though, the percentages could probably be manually tweaked even further... I may get set up for dev and mess about.

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