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8bitdo FC30 Pro controller acting weird - can't use start/select etc

  • Hi everybody,

    Pretty new here but managed to get retropie installed with everything.

    Now when trying to load up a game with my 8bitdo fc30 pro (configured through ES and AM) i simply can not start a game.
    When a press select in the title screen of any game, it changes to for example 1 player, 2 player etc. When i then try to hit start i takes me back to the games screen where it shows all the games so i basically throws me back to the game screen.
    Pressing any other button doesnt work too for starting any game, any platform.

    I configured the controller when the gamepad was detected and pressed all the right buttons. As for hotkey i used the on/off button. Using latest FW 4.0.

    I also have some problems when going into the retropie settings , bluetooth and when i go back from that menu, the FC30 Pro is unresponsive, no buttons or dpad works anymore, i have to press f4 on keyboard and do a reboot.

    I also saw that sometimes i need to configure my inputs again for that controller (in attract mode) it shows up the wrong controller. it shows joy1 but apparently thats the ps3 controller that is hooked up wired. then i have to remove those inputs and add my fc30pro again which shows joy0. very confusing and annoying.

    i have already done numerous tries to input the controller again when when starting up the retropie but i simply can't get that "start a game" properly.

    I already cleared in ES all the input controls, resetted it but still no go.

    As for bluetooth connection, its now on background since default and boot delivered a no active connection sometimes.

    Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Anybody having these issues with other controllers? Read that some people having issues with version .12?

    Mostly annoying is that when pressing start to start a rom, it throws me back to the games screen and that most buttons, even properly configured in es and am, dont work anymore. Even the connected bluetooth controller is first joy0 and later on joy1 when rebooting. Its very annoying.

    Anybody knows what i should or can do? Thanks!

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