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Trying to use Retro Achievments but can't find IP address, yet RETROPIE appears in network.

  • As the title says, I'm trying to install Retro Achievements onto my pie but I can't get into the opt folder because I can't ftp into the system. I went and wrote down my IP address as shown in the setup, and it just won't connect.

    However, if I go into Network through windows 10, my pie shows up as RETROPIE. BUT, I can not get into where the tutorial is telling me to go, I can reach the retroarch.cfg through '\RETROPIE\configs\all' instead of what the tutorial tells me to do, which is -

    Can I just use the cfg in the 'opt/retropie/configs/all' instead?

    Using: Windows 10
    RP: 4.1
    Network: RETROPIE

  • wait.... is the cfg i'm trying to access, are the 2 paths i listed the same?
    UPDATE - Alright I'm an idiot, its the same file and I got achievments working, so awesome and happy!!

  • @moco For a moment you got me worried.

    We would have to send the @meleu signal.

  • @moco yeah! Glad you sorted it out! Welcome aboard!

  • administrators

    @moco symlinks are magical things ;)

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