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Input lag using DS4 Controller via Bluetooth

  • I was happy to see that PS4 DS4 controllers are supported out of the box via Bluetooth in RetroPie 4.2. However they are unusable in this mode because of a pretty large and, worst of all, inconsistent input lag. With inconsistent, I mean that, sometimes, an input is processed immediately with no discernible lag, but then again a second or so later, the same input is processed with large lag of sometimes up to 0.5 s.

    To reproduce:

    • Hold start plus share to put PS4 Dualshock 4 version 2 controller in pairing mode, then pair it via Bluetooth menu in Retropie, and configure it in ES.
    • load up Super Mario World in default snes emu lr-snes9x
    • start game, go to the level on he right.
    • press down on the dpad many times, and/or up many times. Mario should duck/look up immediately after every button press. This animation should be instantaneous and is much better to test than jumping, because jumping takes multiple frames and is a bit more subjective to judge. Instead of looking up or ducking immediately, Mario sometimes stays ducked or looking up for half a second although you frequently press the button much faster. Sometimes, for a few seconds, he will react immediately to every button press. Then again he will react slow for a while.

    I hope this can be fixed. The same controller used on a hacked VitaTV via Bluetooth tested with Retroarch on the VitaTV has zero discernible lag.

    EDIT: I just tried updating kernel and all packages to latest version using Retropie-Setup, but the problem remains. This is on a RPi 3 using 2.5 amp supply. Roms are on a USB stick, system is on SD Card.

    EDIT2: I connected the same DS4 controller via a USB cable and there's no discernible lag in that case. So it is only via Bluetooth.

  • I had all sorts of issues with the ds4 using ds4drv, it caused the pi to overheat, but I didnt have any lag,
    either way, I purchased the usb dongle for the ds4 and the problem was instantly gone.
    for 20USD i would reccomend you dont waste your time, and just buy the dongle.

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