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  • Hi all,

    Having some issues with my control block.

    Have got it all working with the SNES ports and power switch but i am getting the dreaded lighting blot in the top right hand corner.

    I don't have this issue when i have the USB power plugged directly into the pie, but when the power is plugged into the Control block it get the lighting bolt under heavy load.

    also i have noticed that the AMPs draw goes from 0.3A max when plugged into the Pi, to 0.5A max when plugged into the control block.. i am thinking it is a bad connection somewhere.. but the control block is directly connected to the pie.

    Any ideas?


  • The control block does have a small current draw of it's own, though negligible, it can cause a power supply that is just a little under powered to cross the threshold into detectably underpowered.

    Which pi model are you running, what power supply are you using and what is the current rating on that power supply?

  • What does "heavy load" mean? What USB devices are connected to the USB ports? The SNES controllers are not passive units and will also draw current.

  • @capeman

    Running the PI3 Model B, i can still power everything including the control block with no issues if the power is plugged into the Pi instead of the power block.. but that means i loose the power switch function

    Power Supply

    Using the power supply above with a powered usb hub so that devices i plug in to the external usbs don't draw extra power from the PI


    Heavy load e.g running some n64 games or on shutdown/boot or updating software

    Devices hooked up 2 the USB port are a Xbox 360 wireless adaptor and Powered USB HUB

    Have 2 SNES controllers pugged in..

    But it doesn't make a difference if anything is plugged in or not.

    Also have factory LED wired up.

  • OK.......

    just modified a game cart to hide the USBs when not in use.. and now the lighting port issue is gone..

    must of been a loose connection somewhere that i couldn't find..

    anyway.. all good now. thanks for the replys

    For people interested. here is what it looks like now it is done

    Google Photos link to Retropie SNES

  • Banned

    @hodgoes2001 Nice work buddy,
    looks great.

  • I am having the same issue. Bought good power supplies and still i get the signal. RPi3 and ControlBLock V1

    THis is one of them

  • @dbinott I think it's best that you post your own thread. You might have a different setup than @hodgoes2001
    Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in

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