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lr-mame2010 Samples and Artwork WORK!!!

  • So I was trying a few games in lr-mame2010 and noticed that it created 'cfg' and 'nvram' directories in the '/home/pi/' directory so I thought about making a 'samples' and 'artwork' directory there and add the appropriate files and it works !! Mame saves the configs to the 'cfg' directory and all in-game controls and options save correctly except for the aspect ratio. 3:4 ratio games display stretched and can only be corrected in the RetroArch menu (because the lr-mame2010 ratio options don't work). How can we save these per game configs for ratio and/or can they be batch generated like @dankcushions and others did for the crt shaders ?

  • @maxbeanz lr-mame2010 has support for artwork (both libretro and mame overlays). The issue is than with artwork on, most games, even space invaders, become too slow (on Pi3).
    For the aspect ratio you can create 'per game' retroarch cfg files, like this.

  • @udb23 I only put this thread here because I saw several people on here and Github saying that Artwork and Samples for lr-mame2010 didn't work. I'm not going to attempt to make configs manually for all the Vertical games, that's why I asked if it could be batch made in my first post :) and lr-mame2010 already makes it's own per game config files with custom controls etc. so these will be overwritten/ignored. I decided to use Android for MAME now (mame4droid 139) as it's far superior. Cheers.

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