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NTSC format on USB memory - Possible reason to slow loading, gamesaves and slow quicksave on Retroarch ?

  • Like the title says, I'm now using NTSC format in my USB stick where the games are. Reason to that is because I though, that it would solve these strange issues with PS1 games sometimes stopping for a couple seconds and then continuing, which I tracked to memory loading issue and that NTSC seems to slow down it a bit. But, should it be also causing the issue, where the PS1 games won't actually create savegame files, even thou the game succees to save ?

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    NTSC is not faster and is more complex than fat32

  • @xeon

    Okay, I guess I have to format it back to FAT32 and compress the PS1 images to that another, more compact format.

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    Have you tried extracting the image?
    some images are compressed i'm 7z or zip... this can add alot of extra work load.
    you may find you wont need to spilt the image.. because it already was.
    if i'm correct ps1 discs were 650 to 700MB in max capacity.
    So all the discs are probably bundled in a zip.

    that also tells me something else but that's up to the retro pie team.

  • @xeon

    No the images are as BIN/CUE files on their folders, no compression whatsoever. But, I was thinking to use that one format that is recommented many times, that PSP format or something like that, which makes the game images more compact.

    But as for those strange pauses, that's something with the emulation propably.

  • @dd-indeed Did you update the emulator? Fine here running eboots off a fat32 usb stick.

  • @darksavior

    Well I updated it about month ago when I finished my PiStation build, has there been any updates since ?

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