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NTSC Shader (in Retroarch) won't load on Retropie? (Should it?)

  • Hey all,

    Retroarch PC user making a foray into the Retropie world.

    It seems that through the Retroarch menu within Retropie, when I load up the shader in the NTSC folder...


    ... for some reason this doesn't work and appears to have no options within the shader menu in retroarch itself (i.e. empty parameters where there should be values).

    Is there any way I can get this shader working on retroarch-retropie?

  • i don't know the reason some shaders work and others don't, can't help you there sorry. but my best guess would be they are too powerful for the pi/ARM architecture and fail silently. with regard to this particular shader set, you might want to try using the files from the repo as they were just updated yesterday to "fix dumb typo"

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