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Any way to hold a package?

  • I installed "Hurrican", the Turrican clone. It's pretty good and I don't want to remove it but every time I update my system it has to build from source. Is there any way to prevent this and hold the package as is?

  • @jonnykesh
    Instead of updating all at once, do these 3 steps instead.

    Update the setup script first.

    Then go to core packages and choose the option "Update/install core packages from binary" - this will update Emulationstation, Retropie menus, Retroarch and underlying system stuff.

    Then got to main package and select this option "update/install main packages from binary" - This will update all installed non-experimental emulators. This will not update anything installed via source (which is what im assuming you dont want to do)

    Do all this at once before rebooting. This is the method i use to update, it shortens the process to just a few minutes since nothing is being built from source. But if you need to update anything via source you'll have to do it manually (i dont use anything experimental so this is the best option for me, your milage may vary).

  • @capeman Thanks @Capeman , I just was being lazy and wanted to be able to skip certain packages that had no binaries, but still select "update all installed packages". I'm sure there is a way, I'm just not well versed enough in Linux.

  • @jonnykesh The method i described above is technically only one more step than what you just described.

    You always have to update the setup script first, if you don't you'll cause some issues.

    Instead of "update all installed packages"

    It's just:
    "update/install all core packages" followed by "update/install all main packages"

    You don't do all of them individually, they're just 2 steps instead of one. Updating all installed packages will always update all source built packages also and that can take FOREVER depending on what you have installed.

  • @capeman I suppose you are right. I have just got into a habit of updating "ALL" because to me that is somehow better, or what I should do... I understand that I need to do something different, not the software. I know how to hold packages that have binaries, I was just wondering if it was the same for those that don't. I guess I was just thinking about it a bit back to front. Thanks.

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