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My Xbox 360 wired controller isn't detected or powered

  • Hello (excuse me if i make grammar mistakes, i'm not english)
    Pi Model or other hardware: Zero W
    Power Supply used: I think it's a 2A, and i also use a usb hub with external power of 5V 2A
    RetroPie Version Used 4.2
    Built From: Pre made SD Image
    USB Devices connected: Xbox 360 wired controller, Logitech K120 keyboard
    Controller used: Xbox 360
    Error messages received: No error message, the controller is never detected, the light is never powered, but on a Windows PC, it works perfectly.
    I tried reinstalling, wiring it direclty to the Pi, using external power, but no, it doesn't work. I didn't changed anything in configuration files or things like that.

  • Not sure it will help but i noticed in the RetroPie Setup that there was a driver section from which you could install XBox and XBox360 driver. I also use a XBox 360 wired controller but on a Pi 3 model B and i didn't have to install that driver. I just know it's there so you might want to try, we never know.

    Also i don't know about pre made SD images but i sometime hear people saying that some unexplained issues may occur on pre-installed systems, and would recommend users to install RetroPie manually usuing the official download.

    That's all i have. Hope it helps.

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