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What would you like to see in future Retropie releases

  • What are the features and changes you would like to see in Future releases of Retropie? Share your thoughts

  • Raspbian Stretch as a base

  • seems to point that the next release will NOT have stretch.

  • Not exactly related to RetroPie, but I just realized that we are almost at EmulationStation v3.0.0 and I find that amazing.

  • @darksavior That was my suggestion. If it doesnt pan out, so be it.

  • At some point since 4.2, the ability to use the shoulder buttons to jump through game lists in the main menu by default has been disabled. I would be super pleased if that came back.

    Perhaps adding Skyscraper as an easily accessible script like Silphs Scraper.

    The sky is the limit really.

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    @hex said in What to expect in Retropie 4.3:

    What are the features and changes you would like to see in Retropie 4.3? Share your thoughts and we shall see if that can be done.

    I think you may end up misleading users with this wording - as I'm not sure how you can see if it can be done. I appreciate your ES contributions, but I don't remember discussing any 4.3 roadmap with you.

    In fact 4.3 is basically around the corner. I have been rebuilding binaries etc recently to prepare for it.

    There will be no Stretch image for 4.3.

  • @BuZz I have changed the title to something more meaningful

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    @lilbud We are not necessarily near ES 3.0 - it won't go to 3.0 after 2.9 as its major.minor rather than a decimal number

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    @ward614 Shoulder buttons in gamelists should still work - worked here last time I tested.

  • Please: FAVORITES as in Recalbox. They've solved this PERFECTLY.

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    @pupsenlalala We already have this in ES (via collections). Note there are no major new features going in between now and 4.3. There has been a lot of development since the last 4.2 image though.

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    Is Es vertical support on the road map at all? I know I keep banging on about it , but I think it is an essential nostalgic feel that cannot be replicated by bezels and 16:9 hd screens , to have the option to have Es the same orientation as the games is obviously a good thing. But it could also benefit the theme builders as a diffrent canvas to work on. I know it's most likely Low priority but nice to know it is on the list and may appear in a future version.

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    @twd There is no roadmap really - apart from things on the bugtracker - but nothing in stone. But if someone wants to implement it, I would not be against accepting it.

  • @twd Can you elaborate what you expect in vertical mode?

  • @buzz Well compared to this time last year when we were at ES 2.0.1a, I'd say we are pretty close.

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    @lilbud don't read too much into the version number. Previously I was not bumping the version (even though there was some development). I'm not planning on bumping it to v3 currently.

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    @hex I don't expect anything buddy but I would like to see it if possible, basically have the es system in portrait mode rotated 90deg , you can do it in boot.config but you get a performance hit this way, it will be most useful for old arcade games like puc man as most used a vertical screen and there's the shumps.

    @buzz that's not a problem , I am not much of a coder myself I learnt my limit when I was making games with unity 3d. I could make amazing landscapes models textures , but I cannot code well. what would take you 30minutes would take me 3 days I make so many typos backtracking code isn't fun. But I am sure I could make a theme if it ever do get implemented, I just hope I sowed a seed :) . Sorry for going off topic I just jumped at a opportunity to get a definitive answer.

  • @twd So you want Console text in landscape(no boot config changes) and ES in portrait (internally rotated). I think I am getting what you mean

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    @hex basically yes mate as an example the default carbon theme. if you rotated your tv 90 degrees the White bar and text would be vertical but to read it and navigate properly it would need to be horizontal, I can navigate it like that but it like riding a reverse bike. I love the work you guys do and appreciate the shizen you have to put up with, I am happy either way but I would be the cherry on the cake for me personally :)


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